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How To Deal With Having Nothing To Wear

    For those days when you look in your closet, and see nothing to wear, these stylist tips will help you easily find something. Click through for the tips!
    For those days when you look in your closet, and see nothing to wear, these stylist tips will help you easily find something. Click through for the tips!

    One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is I have nothing to wear!

    They explain how each morning when they try to get dressed, they are faced with a bunch of clothes, yet no real outfit options.

    I get it. The struggle is real.

    But as a stylist who takes a holistic approach, it’s my job to look beyond the symptoms and reveal the root of the issue so we know what we’re really dealing with.

    Here’s some of the underlying causes of I Have Nothing To Wear syndrome, and how to solve them.

    Lack Of Inspiration / Stuck In A Wardrobe Rut

    This usually arises when you’ve been wearing the same old thing too many times. Finding your uniform is a great way to manage the morning rush until you’ve outgrown that outfit, and you’re ready to try something new. When you’ve reached that point, when nothing looks good in your closet full of clothes, it’s time to push past your comfort zone and be bolder with your wardrobe choices. Be curious. Think of outfit planning as an experiment. Use the phrase what would happen if I pair this with that? (And pull out two unexpected options to go together.) I don’t recommend doing this in the midst of your morning rush, but rather at a more relaxed time when you can really get creative and have fun. Remember, what you wear is an extension of who you are…think about what you want to say with your style, and make outfits with that statement in mind.

    Low Self Esteem / Body Image Issues

    Not loving how you look, and feeling bad about your body can have a profound impact on your outfit planning….you won’t feel comfortable in your clothes! The first thing to do is get super clear on what area you feel isn’t up to par, and why is that? Are you bloated because your diet has gone to sh!t? Or is it just an overall blah about your body? I can’t stress how important it is to keep consistent with your workout routine. It doesn’t matter what you do, but you must do it regularly. Move your body! It’s the greatest healer for mind, body and soul. Other ways to boost your confidence is knowing which silhouettes flatter your particular figure, and wear those. Women’s apparel is so often cut to camouflage certain bits while highlighting others. For example, high waisted pants work wonders at pulling in your tummy while lengthening the legs.

    Little Inclination Towards Self Care

    Good outfit planning requires time and energy which is something many women complain of not having enough of. But the reality is, self care isn’t selfish, and when women aren’t able to take care of themselves they have little left to offer others. Give yourself at least an hour to get into your closet so you can see what’s really there. Making outfits shouldn’t be a chore. It can be a creative outlet, a way to self express, or nurture who you are. Give in to every whim of what the possibilities are when it comes to being your best style. It’ll leave you refreshed!

    Disconnected From Your True Self

    This happens when we give so much of ourselves to others, we lose a sense of who we are. New moms often struggle with this…I know I did. The key to getting back to yourself is doing what you love, remembering those things that make you happy. When it’s time to bring that into outfit planning, think about those times you felt so you…what were you wearing? What pieces truly represent who you are? What do you love wearing? Sometimes we have to go way back, and that style may not feel right anymore. In this case, modernize it to who you are today. I often turn too-short dresses into tunics, and pair them with pants. Simply find a fresh take on wearing what you love that speaks to you now.

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