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What To Do To Maximize Mercury Retrograde

    What To Do To Maximize Mercury Retrograde | | Mind Body Soul Stylist

    What To Do To Maximize Mercury Retrograde | | Mind Body Soul Stylist
    Well friends, we’ve approached that time of year when confusion + mishaps are the name of the game — Mercury went retrograde last week. Forgotten appointments, inevitable delays and computer shake-ups are all par for the course as the planet of communication moves backwards.

    I try to make the most of this time by following all the dos and don’ts to a tee. Like waiting to do an IOS update. Or dragging out a negotiation so contract signing doesn’t end up within the period. But life happens, and with Mercury retrograding 3 or 4 times a year, it’s likely we’ll have to do some of the don’ts whether we like it or not. The key is to keep your cool, and go with the flow.
    Here’s how to stay aligned with Mercury retrograde.

    Reconnect with old friends
    You know that expression blast from the past? Now is the time to live it. Seek out old friends to reignite the relationship. It’ll be much easier to connect with them both literally and figuratively. Also don’t be surprised if your college roommate reaches out to you first…it’s in the air!

    Refresh your space
    If you haven’t switched over your closet from winter to spring, then do it now! You’ll probably rediscover a longtime fave that’s ready to return to the rotation.

    Revisit prior projects that keep getting put off
    This includes clearing out your computer, going through outdated photos and recycling dusty books. If you do end up dealing with your computer, don’t forget to back up!

    Re-check all your appointments, and itineraries
    It’s all about delays during Mercury retrograde. While most are out of our control, we can confirm our schedule to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

    Basically, if you put the prefix *Re* in front of anything you do, you’re ensured to stay on track.

    Try to wait on the following (Mercury goes direct on May 22nd):

    Buying electronics or any big ticket item…you’ll REgret it.
    Initiating any project or idea — this includes your launch. Remember, the focus isn’t on moving forward — it’s about reexamining and refining.
    Signing contracts…details of the agreement often shift making it so you’re not signing up for what you originally intended.

    If you have to do any of the above then make sure to read the fine print to avoid any surprises. Also, this is a great time to manage frustrations. Notice your reaction when things don’t go as planned, and see if you can put that in check — bounce back when things go wrong and keep at it when delays try to throw you off track.

    What are your sure-fire tricks to getting through these three weeks without constant irritation?

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    6 thoughts on “What To Do To Maximize Mercury Retrograde”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      I am so grateful for your post because frankly, I thought I was “losing it”. I forgot 2 appointments which is so not like me. Get this, I thought I was wearing my glasses to a meeting (I cannot read without them)……….I left them home……..I actually thought they were on my face. At least now I can explain this behavior. Call me a believer!

    2. It’s not just you! Things definitely get a little confusing around this time. I hope your meeting went well without your glasses. ?

    3. Friggin Mercury! No wonder things are spinning chaotically. I’m in the middle of moving. Actually, I haven’t even found a place lol. I did then just as I applied and sent my deposit, someone wanted the same friggin place grrr!
      I have lost touch here, with you, I apologize. So I’m REmembering where I have left off, REvisit fond online friends, and RElax myself into whatever is happening. I still don’t have a next home to go to lol; but allowing myself to spinball is not helping.
      Today, I spent the whole afternoon with my son who took me to the Human Rights Museum and treated me to a fish n chips dinner at The Forks Market. REgrounding myself to what is truly important. Sure, my dog and I may be homeless in a month or so but I’ll just let Mercury finish its fast running shoes and wait until he’s done. Things will fall into place when it is time.
      Miss ya! xoxo

    4. Maia! So happy to see you here today. Sounds like things have gotten a bit hectic for you with this upcoming move, but it also seems like you are keeping the right head space for the situation. It’s amazing how a head space / perspective can play such a pivotal role in keeping calm / somewhat sane when the rug is pulled out from underneath (which in your case, I think it’s quite literally the situation!). I wish I knew of an amazing place for you to move to, but I’m sure your intuition will lead you to your next home. Keep connected! xoxo I miss you too! You’re not on instagram so much either these days, are you? Well – at least we know where to find each other. Maybe with this mercury retrograde thing, you could go back and REvisit old neighborhoods, areas from your past? Perhaps there’s something there for you now.

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