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Why You Need To Switch Up Your Go-To Workout Routine

    Switching up your go-to workout could be key to getting the results that make you look and feel amazing so you move through life with confidence and ease.

    Switching up your go-to workout could be key to getting the results that make you look and feel amazing so you move through life with confidence and ease.
    Do you have a go-to workout routine? The thing you do that gets you to that place dripping in sweat. Or levitating in zen. Maybe you seek out both, but you count on this routine to take you there on demand.

    What happens when this approach no longer works? You take the 5 mile run, yet never fully find your zone. Or you go to the 75 minute yoga class in a body that only moves through the motions, a mind stuck in chatter mode.

    It happens.

    And it happened to me.

    All that yoga got me like zzzzzzz.

    I knew I needed to make a change when the instructor caught me staring at the clock, and we were only 15 minutes in.
    Usually, I add in a run to my yoga practice. It gives me cardio along with a good sweat. But for the past few weeks it wasn’t doing the trick…it wasn’t taking me out of my comfort zone. My mind and body had become accustomed to this routine. I was bored.

    Once boredom sets in to anything – your workout, your wardrobe, your life — you lose inspiration that sparks the desire to be better. And when you’ve hit this plateau, it’s time for a total shake up. Workout-wise, that means finding something to shock your body back to life (figuratively speaking, of course).

    I needed intensity – heart pumping cardio, boot camp-y burpees and toning exercises to bring on the burn. So I signed up for The Class which has all that with a meditative spin.

    At times, my body rejoiced – so happy to be amongst the collective energy in a cardio groove to U2. Then other moments, I thought I would die. It really showed me where my yoga body lacks strength (my thighs!) and where my yogic mind falters (I still hate burpees!).
    But it did the trick – it shook me out of my comfort zone leaving me sore for days, and wanting more!

    Of course, I still go to yoga. In fact, I couldn’t wait to get back to my practice after that high powered workout. But I bought a series at the Class to break away from the same old, same old.

    By infusing new energy into my workout, it adds excitement to the routine. And gives me inspiration to be better which trickles into the rest of my life.

    What’s your go-to workout, and have you ever felt like it wasn’t working anymore?

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    4 thoughts on “Why You Need To Switch Up Your Go-To Workout Routine”

    1. Nothing wrong with keeping it fresh, Elysha. For me, when a routine seemed getting old, I try to either dig deeper or change an aspect of it (e.g. breathing, strides, pace). Either way, a new perspective. Sometimes taking a break also works. Have fun.

    2. Nia is a workout that hasn’t gotten boring to me yet. 🙂

      But I have found that I enjoy taking different types of yoga classes. I don’t always want to just stretch and I don’t always want to work my muscles. I like switching it up.

      There are a lot of reasons besides boredom to switch up a routine. Glad you found something you enjoyed!

    3. Terry, I love that idea of digging deeper or changing an aspect. I think when a block show ups (like boredom) it’s often the sign to dig deeper (rather than quit). Thank you for this reminder and useful technique to keep the workout fresh.

    4. That’s amazing, Terre, that Nia has you hooked. You’re an instructor, correct? I tried Nia once and thought it was fun – it seemed like a good mix of dance in both free movement and choreographed steps. I’m actually heading out of town next week to a facility where they offer it so perhaps it’s time I give it another whirl!

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