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Hit Start & Then Play

    I consider myself one of the lucky ones — I’ve got a gym in the basement of my building.  A lot of my friends turn their noses up at the gym — saying the machines are too boring.  And I totally agree.  The machines are boring.  Which is why my gym workout is all about the playlist.  This is the time I get to tune out the rest of the world, and go deep down into the groove of my choice.  Yep, that’s me– the crazy lady rockin’ out on the treadmill as if I was in the middle of a night club!

    DH works in the music biz so he’s got access to all sorts of cool stuff.  He loves making playlists (our birthday parties have THE BEST!).  And now he’s obsessed with making Pump Up Playlists for M just before a big soccer match.

    I love making playlists too!  It’s like my little i-tunes creation designed especially to get my ass moving.

    Today at the gym it went something like this:

    Mark Ronson & The Business International
    Bang Bang

    It’s Q-tip on the mike with MNDR singing backup.  The kids & I love the french parts even though we’re not so sure what she’s saying.

    And speaking of being not so sure…do you ever listen to a song and sing along the wrong words?  I do.  I follow along in rhythm but the words make absolutely no sense.   It took me years to figure out Radiohead’s Everything In Its Right Place –the bit about sucking on a lemon.

    Ting Tings
    Soul Killing

    Perfect example of a song where the beat says more than the lyrics.  I’m not really into Soul Killing, per se.  It’s just that this song is the jam!

    Kanye West
    Touch The Sky

    Okay Kanye West may say the wrong things most of the time, but with his music – he’s pretty much right on!

    Lupe Fiasco (Featuring Jill Scott)

    This one actually got me to extend my workout!  Perfect cool down song.

    What songs go on your pump up playlist?

    3 thoughts on “Hit Start & Then Play”

    1. SirenaTales

      Yes! Totally about the music. I think that’s one of the reasons I love taking-and teaching-dance class. If the music’s good, it can catapult me to new heights or even just keep me going when my body would otherwise bail. So cool to have a gym in your building, but cooler still that you have the in-house option yet still venture forth all the time to try other classes/events/experiments. My dream: build a dance studio over my garage–pipe dream. Rock on TT. Xoxo

    2. The music is everything for my workout! And btw, I dream about having my own yoga/ dance studio in my place too! We can dream, can’t we? xoxo

    3. SirenaTales

      Let’s call it visualizing :). xoxo

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