Nada To-Do

Nada To-Do

There’s no question about it — I’m a to-do list kind of girl!  I thrive on transcribing the random bits and bobs of info running around my brain in a gotta-get-this-done sort of way.  Each morning I sit to my list with all the important stuff that’s calling for action.  I get such satisfaction when I revisit this list, big ole sharpie in hand, and scratch off the latest must-do from the paper.  That’s accomplishment, baby!  So maybe getting cream cheese isn’t the deepest of deep states of productivity, but hey – it had to get done to avoid a hunger strike at breakfast.

I do all this and more


So what happens when there’s no to-do list to tend to — since we are, after all, identified by what we do, right?   Let’s face it, there’s no avoiding that ubiquitous question of the small talk variety — what do you do?  I don’t think anyone really wants to hear that I buy cream cheese, or that I have switched us over to the family phone plan.  Nope. Pas du tout!  I’m a stylist.  That’s what I do.  I’m also a mother.  Writer / blogger.  Personal Shopper.  Wife.  Runner / Gym Workout-er.  Yogi.  These are probably the more acceptable answers to the question.  But…who are we when there’s nothing to do?

Don’t worry, I’m not leading you into an existential hole here.  I, however, recently went there.


Descent into Turk & Caicos

This past weekend I was given the awesome opportunity to go on a girls getaway vacay with my besties.  We packed up (way too many) belongings and headed south for the Caribbean.  Amongst the florescent turquoise water and powdery white sand we all quickly realized — we had nothing to do!

So who am I with nothing to do?

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 11.28.45 AM

I guess the bigger and better question is:

Can I maintain the essence of this girl who has nothing to do when caught up in the middle of my everyday life of to-dos?

Elysha Lenkin
Elysha Lenkin helps women express themselves through fashion so they look current, feel confident and stay true to themselves. For over 20 years, she's worked on commercial shoots styling women in all shapes, ages and sizes including Carrie Underwood, Tina Fey and Serena Williams. Now her focus is to make fashion fun and approachable for real women so they show up feeling like superstars in their lives.


  1. takethestep says:

    I have the words “Be Still” on my to do list – its the biggest challenge I have! Love your words & thanks for stopping by my site!

  2. Great addition– That’ll go my list too! Thank you!

  3. I make an effort to ‘be in one moment’ everyday; no distractions allowed. Thank you for visiting.

  4. That’s a great goal for daily living – just one moment per day.

  5. SirenaTales says:

    Wonderful post. I generally rely (too) heavily on the to do list and the thrill of crossing out “achievements.” When I can, I now add less traditional items like: 1. Inspiration 2. Joy 3. Rest (not often :(( ) 4. Stuff I LOVE to do….to make sure I give them the attention they deserve. Hope your carefree, joyful self is thriving! Thanks for the smiles and inspiration! Xo

  6. Inspiration, joy and rest are good ones to add to my list ( which is sitting right next to my computer!)
    Thank you! xo

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