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Home Practice: It’s Where The Heart Is (+ It’s Not Only For Yoga!)

    I’ve got a list of practices that’s probably a mile long.

    My gratitude practice, for instance, is quite subtle. There’s no real start or finish — it can pop into my mind anywhere and anytime. (Most recently I got thankful in the shower, sitting at my desk and walking the kids home from school.) Other subtle practices would be nonattachment, nonjudgement and patience….they’re ongoing and mutable.

    Then there are my other practices, those that are more visible to the eye. Yoga, meditation, dancing, writing, and running are all examples of this…it’s pretty obvious when I’m practicing these.

    While I love the group energy of a class or joint endeavor, the restrictions imposed by an outside schedule can be limiting.

    To be able to tap into all my practices on the regular, I do them at home. This makes them more accessible, and provides me with more opportunities to instill them into my awareness.

    What is a home practice?

    It’s nothing fancy. Or even that structured. It’s just me, in my home… doing my thing.

    What does a home practice look like?

    With yoga, it’s me on the mat.
    With writing, it’s me in a chair with my notebook.
    With dance, it’s me letting loose in the living room.
    With meditation, it’s me just sitting.

    In a nutshell, it’s me being me…getting closer to my essence.
    Some people cook as a home practice. Or paint. Or play an instrument.

    Why do a home practice?

    Because it’s convenient!
    With winter looming, what better way to hibernate than with your practices?
    Plus, there’s less of an excuse not to practice.
    Also, being at home is comfortable. On days when you don’t feel like pushing, you can take it easy…you’re at home! And on days when you are feeling feisty, it’s a great place to experiment…it’s completely safe.

    What kind of commitment is needed for a home practice?

    Anything you want.
    Right now, with yoga I try for once a week. But there have been times when my class series ran out so I was practicing at home a few times a week.
    I do write every morning.
    And meditate every day.

    What’s the purpose of a home practice?
    To create space so you can connect more fully to who you are–it can be playful, serious, planned, or spontaneous.

    It’s about getting better at being you.

    Do you have a home practice? If yes, what does it look like?

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    2 thoughts on “Home Practice: It’s Where The Heart Is (+ It’s Not Only For Yoga!)”

    1. SirenaTales

      Was just thinking of you as I had a little dance jam to Pharrell Williams while I emptied the dishwasher :). Dancing, writing, kindness, gratitude, expanding a sense of the possible, cooking, walking, Santa Hat….those are some of my practices. Thank you so much for pointing out that they ARE indeed practices, Elysha. Sometimes I forget that they are that, and dismiss them too lightly or easily as just “stuff I do.” Once again, I am grateful to you for shining a light on the path, my wise friend. xoxo

    2. Dancing while unloading the dishes, that is one awesome practice, my friend! I may borrow that from you next time I’m faced with that chore. You rock!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! x x x

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