How To Motivate Yourself For Fall

How To Motivate Yourself For Fall

If you're feeling a little bit BLAH, and want to know how to motivate yourself for the new season, then read on for my tips of creating healthy habits!

Feeling a bit of the late August Blahs? Then read on because in this post I talk about how to motivate yourself, and get ready for the new season!

If you're feeling a little bit BLAH, and want to know how to motivate yourself for the new season, then read on for my tips of creating healthy habits!


It happens to me every year.

I start to settle into this late-night-tv-binging-ice-cream-eating-sleeping-too-late routine which is really not me.

I am an early bird! I feel off balance when I stay up late and can’t wake up when I want to. Because it’s in these early hours that I get most grounded into who I am.

But since this seems to occur every summer, I’ve figured out a few things that help get me back into the routine that suits me most.

Click play on the video to learn how you can break free from your summer slump!

And read on for more tips on integrating healthy habits into your life!

Start Your Day Right

I’ve spoken of the importance of a healthy morning routine and how it’s key in creating a sense of calm that carries through your day. But now more than ever, you’ll want to put this practice into action. I highly suggest waking up a little earlier to do it. But if you absolutely hate early mornings, then just make sure to schedule in your ME time later when you can connect to your true self, and build the confidence that comes from this connection.

Connect To Your True Self

My favorite way to reconnect to myself is through writing in a journal and meditating. Both these activities allow me to see clearly what’s clouding up my mind, and clogging my perception of my life. I love doing a stream of conscious writing exercise. Each morning I let the pen hit the paper and just see where it goes. By the end, I always have more clarity about what I must do next.

Clear The Old, Make Space For The New

A good way to gear up for the new season is to get into your wardrobe for a closet cleanout. Now that we’re finishing up summer in NYC, I can easily see what I wore and what I did not. The things I didn’t wear will most likely not be worn next summer. It’s a pretty good indicator that I’m done with that item, and it’s time to move on.

If you’re feeling inspired to get into your closet for a good cleanout, but you’re not exactly sure where to begin, please check out my Holistic Closet Cleanout DIY guide. It will help you reconnect to your style!

Especially if your closet has become a hot mess that has nothing to do with who you are. I recommend the DIY style guide if you know a wardrobe purge would get you on track, but you aren’t quite ready to invest in a full-on stylist package. This guide will provide you with the right action steps to strategically tackle the beast that your closet has become so you start dressing in alignment with the woman you want to become.

How do you motivate yourself into the new season?

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