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The Best Morning Routine To Look Your Best

    Start Your Day Right!

    The best morning routine is the one that begins with intention. When you start your day from a place of calm and connection to yourself, you are creating a foundation for more ease in your life. This impacts everything from how you look to how you respond to situations, and the way you move through your day.

    The best morning routine starts with intention. It's about giving yourself time to fully connect with your day so you have less stress and more ease.

    Think of it like this, if you wake up, immediately grab your phone, and start scrolling through the news headlines or your social channels, your nervous system is immediately triggered. By throwing yourself into the stresses of the world right away, you’re shortchanging yourself the space to simply be. Allowing yourself time to reflect on who you are, and how you want to show up in the world is essential to staying on your path. It’s tough to be the person you want to be when you’re always rushing around and feeling stressed.

    Start Where You Are

    Creating the best morning routine for yourself doesn’t require a complicated set up. You can begin with what you like doing. For instance, do you drink coffee when you wake up? You could keep this in your morning routine. But rather than just slurp it down in a rush to move onto the next thing, try taking the time to enjoy the flavors. Sit with your coffee and think about all the good things in your life. Be grateful! You can even write down a few thoughts – like some insights that you’ve had on what’s been happening in your life. Journaling and coffee make up my best morning routine, and I credit this time to keeping me calmer and more fulfilled.

    Start Your Day Right!

    Dress For Your Best

    You could also add your outfit planning into your routine. So instead of just throwing together something to wear that suits the weather, think about who you need to be on this day. What will you be called to do? And how can you use your wardrobe to help express this aspect of your personality? I like to ask myself how I want to feel. This helps me pick out pieces that project this feeling outward while also enhancing the feeling within.

    The Best Morning Routine

    Basically, to get started with your best morning routine, you’ll need to carve out some time to connect to yourself. Do something that makes you feel centered and alive. You could do some exercise or meditation. You could also simply sit and reflect on what you’ll do later on. The purpose is to be intentional as this sets the tone for the rest of your day.

    In the video, I explain why your best morning routine improves your life, and how to get started creating yours today.

    What do you do right when you wake up?

    9 thoughts on “The Best Morning Routine To Look Your Best”

    1. Pamela J Goldman

      Elysha… husband leaves the classical music station on very, very softly for me while I sleep and to wake up to. I’m not sure if this is helping me or hurting me. He does it out of thoughtfulness. Hoping that I wake up to joy and while I sleep, I have good dreams. You mentioned the important of silence in your morning routine….I believe that’s the case here with me too. I mute the classical switch often.

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    3. Pamela J Goldman

      Dear Elysha….I recently read that Gisele Bunchin (spelling?) meditates 20 mins. a day and can usually find all her answers then. She’ll do it in a cab, or when she’s getting her hair done or a manicure…pretty cool…huh?

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