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How To Tell If You’re Stuck In A Rut

    If you’re in a rut, you want your style to be something else, but you don't know how to make the change. These style tips will help you break free from that rut!

    Sometimes when I find an outfit I like wearing, I’ll put it on repeat for days. Maybe I’ll swap out something small – like change the accessories, or wear it with different shoes. But the primary pieces don’t change. Do you think this means I’m in a rut? I don’t.

    If you’re in a rut, you want your style to be something else, but you don't know how to make the change. These style tips will help you break free from that rut!

    What exactly is a rut?

    Someone in a rut has a victim mentality. They feel stuck, and unable to change their situation. When I wear the same thing on repeat, I’m intentional about it. It’s like:

    Wow! That outfit worked really well yesterday. So I’m going to wear it today. And tomorrow. And maybe the day after that!

    Are you in a rut?

    If you’re in a style rut, you wear the same thing on repeat, but you’re not happy about it. You feel powerless. And unable to make a change.  

    Watch the video where I help you determine if you’re stuck in a style rut and what to do to get out of it, if you are.

    A Defined Rut

    According to the dictionary, a rut is a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive, but is hard to change.

    So if you’re feeling uninspired with your appearance lately, and have no desire to do anything about it…you’re in a rut.

    For example, when you get dressed each day, do you reach for the first thing? And pair it with the second thing? You may not love how it looks, but you can’t be bothered to do any better. This is rut behavior.

    You wear what you’ve always worn. It’s become your go-to because it gets the job done – keeps you from being naked – so you can get out of the house and get on with your day. But it’s certainly not inspired. In fact, you probably feel like you blend in with the walls most of the time.

    Signs You’re In A Rut

    In addition to the example of wearing your go-to everyday, you also:

    • Buy multiples of the same thing…so you’ve got that v-neck cashmere sweater in gray, black, brown and beige.
    • Wear mostly neutral colors.
    • Have a wardrobe that consists of mostly the same styles and silhouettes.
    • Feel like shopping is a chore, not a creative or fun activity.
    • Hate when there’s a fancy occasion on the calendar because you don’t feel like having to dress for it.

    If you relate to most of these, then you – my friend- may be in a rut. But remember, if you have multiples of the same sweater and a consistent theme for your style – that’s not necessarily a rut. It’s the victimized mentality that turns it into a rut. You don’t like that you wear the same thing over and over. You want to wear something new, but you can’t.

    Remember how I said I’ll wear the same outfit on repeat for a week? That doesn’t put me in a rut. It just means I’ve found something I like and I stick with it.

    If you find a style or silhouette that’s incredibly flattering for you – by all means – go buy one in every color available. Just be sure that you feel excited by the style. Not like it’s your only option. This is the differentiating factor that determines if you’re in a rut.

    Breaking Free From A Rut

    If you’re in a rut, you want your style to be something else, but you don't know how to make the change. These style tips will help you break free from that rut!

    When you’re ready to make a change, it’s easiest if you start small. This way you’ll be more likely to make progress that lasts. If you try to shake up your style in one day – like throw together a bold outfit to wear – you may not be able to keep it up for the rest of the week.

    A simple first step is to bring in a new accessory. Put on your go-to look – maybe it’s a tunic and pair of skinny jeans, then add in a scarf. Or a big pendant necklace. Find something you love and throw it into the mix.

    Then you can add in another element. Do you have a cute layering piece you could put on top? A vest? A button top worn as an outer layer? Look in your closet and see what you can wear next. Slowly build up an outfit – using your go-tos as a base.

    The next day, you may be ready to try a different sweater with your skinnies – instead of the usual tunic.

    Do you see how this works? Make tiny introductions to your outfit so you eventually have a new look. Once you’re in all new clothes, put together another fresh outfit. Keep experimenting to find different ways to wear what you have.

    Just remember, it doesn’t matter if you repeat any of the items as long as your attitude about the item is content. Because once it feels like oh know, here were are again in the same thing…you’ve sunken back into the rut.

    How do you keep yourself feeling fresh and inspired each day?

    6 thoughts on “How To Tell If You’re Stuck In A Rut”

    1. Pamela Goldman

      Although I bought it this year, I am in a style rut with my black leather jacket……..but it’s gradually getting warmer out so I have a bunch of wool blazers to shift into. Brilliant video, Elysha.

    2. I tend to get in ruts when I feel I’ve put on weight. I stick to the few things that flatter–and there’s my rut. But, try to shake it up now with shoes–color & style–jewelry, etc. A good reminder and some good tips!

    3. Pamela Goldman

      I’ve been buying sweeper cardigans that are long in various shades…crimson, mauve and charcoal gray…..something to wear aside from blazers with chunky jewelry. They look good over jeans with a t-shirt and are very slenderizing.

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