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In Transition? Here’s How To Navigate The Messy Middle

    Your style changed,” said my client in a recent session. She was right! My go-to uniform of silk, floral blouses belted into a pair of jeans had grown outdated to me. In fact, I just donated several of those tops last week!

    My old go-to uniform

    But here’s the thing: I stopped wearing that style years ago, yet I only donated now.

    I didn’t want to let go.

    What would I wear instead?

    How would I define my updated style?

    Where should I shop?

    I know it’s just clothes.

    But when you believe that your outfit serves as the representative of your identity, you see things differently.

    Also, feel free to substitute any situation of “holding on” for my floral blouses.

    👉 A healthy eating journey where you’re shedding weight and not quite at your goal.

    👉A career up-level where you’re making big moves, yet haven’t arrived at your dream role.

    Each involves an identity switch. You must let go of who you were to make space for who you are becoming. 

    It’s one of my favorite topics!

    That’s why I was so excited to speak to transformation expert, Linda Rossetti who shares how to find purpose during the uncertain time of transition.

    Transition expert, Linda Rosetti

    I was fascinated by Linda’s work because of the similarities we have in our approaches. We both see the messy middle as a beautiful opportunity for self expression. I knew she’d have such valuable insights to share. Also, I know many of you are going through transition!

    Listen in to the conversation and learn:

    ✔️The difference between transition and change

    ✔️Why it’s so unsettling to be in the messy middle

    ✔️What we can do to prepare ourselves for an identity switch

    ✔️The most astonishing realization Linda had in her research

    ✔️How daily decisions, like what to wear, help affirm your new identity

    Click play to hear this insightful conversation!

    Connect with Linda, she’s an expert on transition!

    Visit Linda’s website here.

    Follow her on instagram here.

    Join Dishing on Disruption, her free weekly discussion for those in or considering transition that takes place every Thursday at 7-7:45 pm eastern.  

    This post will help if you’re struggling to define your style because you’re in the midst of transition.

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