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Inspired Style Ideas For Your Everyday Outfit

    If you’re sick of your clothes and feel stuck wearing the same old thing, this post is for you! I put together a series of inspired style ideas to help you reinvigorate what you wear.

    Earlier in the week, I invited the women in my private facebook group to submit photos for free outfit feedback.

    I then shared my expert insights on what they wore —acknowledging what they did well, and offering new ideas they could try.

    Inspired Style Ideas

    Normally, when I provide outfit ideas for my clients, I’m familiar with their body shapes, their personal preferences and how they want to look. My suggestions for my clients align with the signature style we’ve created.

    For the live outfit feedback in my facebook group, I didn’t have any of this information. I gave style advice without any guidance on what they love, what they want to wear, or what their body shape is. So it was kind of a free-for-all! It was fun!

    The feedback on the live session was positive!

    “Fantastic ideas!” said one of the volunteers who submitted her outfit.

    “This was very inspiring,” said someone else who watched.

    Free Outfit Feedback

    Click play to see the live outfit feedback.

    It’s a lengthy video because I gave several inspired outfit ideas for each woman. If you want to refresh your old outfits, I encourage you to watch the whole thing!

    Want in on the action of my free Facebook group? Click here to join. I’d love to see you in there.

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