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Feeling Outdated? Here’s How To Reinvent Your Style

    Do you ever look in the mirror, and wonder how did it come to this?

    Sure, the body has changed, and the face looks older. That’s normal with age. But how did the outfits get so outdated? The clothes are doing nothing to support the life you’re living today.

    Do your clothes feel irrelevant text overlay image of pile of clothes.

    I know it wasn’t intentional. It just happened. Your style slipped through the cracks. And your outfits became irrelevant.

    Perhaps it’s your full schedule. Or maybe it’s the lack of inspiration, or the unwillingness to change. Regardless, when your style stops reflecting the current YOU, you’re missing the mark. And this impacts how you show up.

    Are you thinking that a shopping spree will fix it? That if you buy a bunch of new clothes your style will automatically update? It won’t. Unless you do the work to get your style back on track, you’ll only add more irrelevant items to your wardrobe.

    The solution is to set a solid foundation for your updated style. Then you can move forward (and go shopping!) with confidence that you’re heading the right way.

    Click play to watch the video where I share how to get back on track with your style so it feels 100% YOU.

    And keep reading for more style advice.

    Reimagine What You Loved

    Rather than looking outside for inspiration, go inside. Get reacquainted with what you love. One way to do this is to revisit old photos and soak in the memories of the styles that used to ring true for you. You won’t relive those exact outfits, but you can reimagine these ideas as inspiration for updated looks.

    Time to reimagine what you wear text overlay image of women wearing red printed shirt.

    For example, I’ve always loved fun elements in my outfit. Even back in high school I wore a tu-tu dress to prom. To reimagine what I loved in the past, I’d focus on bringing back more playful elements to my style today.

    Take A Truthful Inventory

    Your body may have changed in the past few years. If you haven’t yet updated your style to support your current body, you should. I’m not a hardcore advocate for following body shape guidelines, but they are useful when you’re still figuring things out. They will help you narrow down the possibilities of what compliments you best.

    It’s also a good time to zero-in on your color palette. Again, I’m not a hardcore advocate of only wearing YOUR colors. But knowing which colors bring out your natural features is helpful in choosing clothes, particularly those around your face. 

    Realign Your Wardrobe

    Finally, go through your closet and pull out 3 pieces you love and that compliment your body. Put together new outfits around these items. These looks will serve as the foundation to replace your outdated style. If you aren’t able to put together new outfits from those pieces, notice what you’re missing. Then start your shopping list.

    It’s much better to hit the stores with the goal of fulfilling a specific purpose. For example, if you noticed that you were missing strong options for your “cherry on top”, or final touch of your outfit, you’ll look for those 3rd pieces to complete your outfit. Having a focus like this is much more productive than browsing for “nice things.”

    Reinvent Your Outdated Style

    If it feels like your style has grown outdated, reinvent what you wear! Do this by remembering what you love, match your taste with your current body, and create fresh outfits that serve a purpose in your wardrobe.

    Still not sure if your clothes are dated? Let’s talk. I help women nail down their style based on their body, taste and life. My clients don’t worry if they look dated because they’re confident in themselves. Let’s discuss what your style needs to get you looking your best. Click here to book your complimentary call.

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