Make Your Next Shopping Trip A Huge Success

Make Your Next Shopping Trip A Huge Success

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To prepare for Black Friday, I’m sharing how to ensure that your shopping trip is a success. This means that you make good choices while in the store, and you only buy things that you’ll wear.

Click play to watch the video where I take you on a shopping trip in downtown NYC where I demonstrate how to choose an outfit that’s right for you.

And read on for more stylist advice!

For Every Shopping Trip

There are 3 guiding principles that will help keep you on track while in the store, and steer you away from shopping mistakes! They’re simple to follow. And if you keep these in mind every time you shop, you’ll always buy the right clothes.

Love It Or Leave It

It seems silly to even point this out, but when you’re considering a new item, it’s imperative that you LOVE the thing. The reason I mention this is because I’ve done it before. And so have my clients. 

For whatever reason we get swept up in the store, and buy the thing that we don’t love. Sometimes I don’t even like it! So guiding principle #1 is that you must LOVE the item. Obviously you’re attracted to it, if it drew you in. But sometimes we’re attracted to things that aren’t right for us. (Have you ever dated a guy that falls into that category? – I have!) If you don’t love the item, leave it on the rack for someone else!

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Look Good Feel Good

Next, you need to assess if the item will look good on you. Look closely at the color and the cut. Sometimes I’m drawn to pale pink pieces, but the reality is that color washes me out. It’s not a good choice for me! In regards to the cut, or silhouette this is where you’ll think about the clothes in your closet that you feel amazing in. What shapes and styles are they? If you’re familiar with your body shape you can apply these principles here as well. (Get the guide to determine your body shape here.) 

Because I’m petite, large handbags overwhelm me. Whenever I see a photo of myself carrying a huge bag it looks ridiculous. So guiding principle #2 is the item must flatter. Don’t forget that you’re in charge of deciding what’s flattering or not!

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Where You’ll Wear It

Once you’ve determined that you LOVE the item, and it looks good on you, you must decide if it’s something you’ll wear. Does it make sense for your lifestyle? This is where a lot of my mistakes come from. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m involved in activities that require a certain style of dress. But it’s not practical for me to buy clothes for events or activities that I don’t take part in

Guiding principle #3 is the item has to be something you’ll wear. To help determine this, think about what else is in your wardrobe. Will this contender fit in? Or look like an outsider. I love taking risks and wearing things outside the comfort zone. But the key component here is to actually wear the things outside your comfort zone. Don’t let them sit in your closet!

In the video above, I take you thrift shopping and you see exactly how I apply these principles to my shopping trip to come up with an outfit I love!

What was the last thing you purchased and does it meet the 3 guiding principles?

Elysha Lenkin
I help women feel like superstars in their clothes.

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