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3 Steps To Turn On Your IT Factor

    Your on-camera style goes beyond the lens or video screen. It’s your authentic presentation. The way you express yourself when in full alignment of your strengths and true beauty. You could also refer to this as your “IT” factor because it’s the spark that lights you up, and brightens every room you enter—no matter where you are.

    When your “IT” factor is turned on, your unique talents are highlighted and your confidence soars. You come across as effortless and people are drawn to your natural charms. 

    Everybody is born with an IT factor, an innate charisma that makes you YOU. And even if you don’t feel particularly confident or charismatic at times, you’ve still got it. You just need to turn it on.

    Here’s 3 steps to turn on your IT factor so you become more magnetic in life.


    While we all have IT, IT looks different for everyone. For some, it’s bold and dramatic. While for others, it’s soft and alluring. By articulating the qualities of your IT factor, you’ll be able to access it easier. A good way to do this — come up with three words that describe how you feel when your IT factor is turned on. These three words are your North Star.

    When you see another woman, and admire how she looks…it’s not necessarily the clothes that you want to replicate. It’s the feeling you get when looking at her.

    Victoria Beckham radiates classy elegance. And Jennifer Aniston emanates natural beauty. Those attributes are their North Star.

    That’s what you want to capture with your on-camera style. You want to embody a special feeling that represents YOU with your IT factor turned on.

    Whenever you get dressed, keep your North Star close by. Align your outfits with these words to make sure you’re always embodying the qualities that draw people in.

    (Click here to take the quiz and discover your on-camera style!)


    One of the main things that keeps you from turning on your IT factor is you’re still holding onto outdated stuff. How can you be irresistible when you’re weighed down with irrelevancy?

    Whether it’s old clothes, or outgrown habits, by allowing them to linger beyond their expiration date, they compound into stagnant energy. This not only clutters up your space, it dilutes your style! And when I say style, I’m referring to both how you present physically with your wardrobe AND the way you’re being. (Your on-camera style is a combo of these things.)

    Use your North Star as a guiding light, and go through your stuff questioning what’s still a good representation of YOU with your IT factor turned on. Looking at each item, ask if this is how you want to present yourself? Do you feel aligned with your North Star in this item? If the answer is no, it’s time to let it go. And that’s good! By clearing the outdated, you make space for what’s relevant to you now!


    The final step to turning on your IT factor is updating your wardrobe to reflect the YOU you want to be. This is the woman who feels irresistible self confidence and draws people in without conscious effort. 

    After you’ve let go of everything that doesn’t align with your North Star, and doesn’t make sense for your current life, it’s time to elevate your ideas and create a wardrobe that shows people who you are NOW. 

    Think about how you want to look. What are the specific items that go into this look? If you have trouble creating a vision, it’s ok to look outside yourself for inspiration. Find someone who aligns with your North Star and embodies qualities you relate to. Notice the specific details of her look to see what you may want to update your style with. Just remember that she’s presenting her on-camera style….which may not be the same as yours. Take inspiration from her, but then make it YOURS by adding in your unique elements.


    The beauty of turning on your IT factor is that you’ll see improvements in all areas of your life— not just for the photoshoot, or zoom call. You’ll light up every room you enter which draws people in.

    Whether it’s receiving compliments on your outfit, inquiries about working with you, or invitations to dinner, your irresistible confidence is the fuel that energizes you to show up as the woman you know you’re meant to be. And because you understand how to turn it on, your IT factor is available to you all the time.

    As the seasons shift, it’s the perfect opportunity to align your outfits to reflect YOU with your IT factor turned on and I can help!

    Click here to book a complimentary call, and let’s discuss YOUR style and how to get you feeling incredible in what you wear so you light up every room you enter.

    6 thoughts on “3 Steps To Turn On Your IT Factor”

    1. Enjoyed taking the questionnaire and I agreed with the outcome. The only problem that I had was with the tiny pictures! Lol as I did this on my iPhone!😉

      I do love most of my clothes as I always try not to be too trendy. Some outfits I’ve had a few years and they still fit, believe it or not. I love quality and more natural fibres but they are getting harder to find and if I do, they are becoming very expensive.

      Oh dear, I do need a new pic for my Houzz profile soon! This makes me really think before I get this done.

      Thanks for the inspiration!😉

    2. Thanks for my fashion knowledge It was really helpful.

    3. Daryl Price

      Thanks! I did enjoy this quiz. The results were pretty well “spot on”.

      I have always had a quirky kind of style, and receive compliments from an array of people of all ages and gender.

      My only hold out is my skinny jeans.👖.lol
      I have added some different styles, so thanks again and “Have a quirky 🪭👑fashion day.” 😁

    4. Becky Roberts

      Thank you for Thursday nights seminar with Judy Lynam. I was unable to attend and just watch the replay. It was very informative and definitely an area I struggle in!

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