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It’s Not How You See It

    The Little Girl is Moved By Art

    It’s how you feel it!

    What moved you today?

    13 thoughts on “It’s Not How You See It”

    1. Listening to the Sufi Traditional Radio station on Pandora. That music ushers my soul into a mystical realm of somatic hypnosis/awareness!

    2. I love this photo!! I think the most moving thing I saw was downtown in Doha yesterday (sorry to early in the morning to be a today moment) – a woman in a burqa a man in his traditional robe & scarf head dress. He reached over and touched her hand as it was on the table with the most adoring expression. From behind the veil you could feel her response as she bent her head. “Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, It empties today of its strength” ~ Corrie ten Boom

    3. Such a beautiful picture.
      I was moved by the fact that we have angels to guide us on every point of life. Even during the end of our life, our angels make us feel better, reduce the pain. They cry when we cry, they laugh when we laugh.
      So we must never find ourselves alone. I loved it.

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