It’s The Little Things…

It’s The Little Things…

It really is.

Sometimes I get consumed with big picture thinking — does this ever happen to you?

I start obsessing over an end result in all of its perfection, but then quickly get swamped with overwhelm after realizing — big dreams demand big effort.  Uh-oh…not sure I’m up for that!

Which is why I try to break that big ole dream into something less grand.  Something more manageable. Like a little to-do list.
I mean, isn’t the grand vision just a sequence of smaller bits?


this doesn’t happen immediately

In yoga I don’t just stretch right into Kurmasana.  I’ve got to go through the opening series, and set the foundation. This is how I move into the big postures. Small, simple steps all the way!

My day job often calls me to style large groups of people for a photoshoot.  Sometimes 5 families. Other times 10 kids.  This week I have 15 women. Take that number and then multiply by 3….that’s how many outfits I need to get.  (It’s all about the options!) Needless to say, the prep can cause panic.

So Many legs to consider!

So Many legs to consider!

“How will I get that many looks together and make everyone feel fabulous?!??!” is what crosses my mind… often.
But when I break it down into each person for each day….it comes together. It always does.

Everyone's part matters

Each part matters

And what about making small contributions to create a greater world?

Feels like too much? Then there’s always the other little thing that makes a big difference…

little kisses



  1. just say “it’s perfect” and if there are any doubts just say “I have all the help I need” (confidence erases doubts)

  2. SirenaTales says:

    Love how you’ve used the yoga as a template/metaphor. Thanks for the wise and beautiful (visually and verbally) post. And yes! I’ve realized ridiculously late how much lipstick can do…to say nothing of kisses :). xoxo

  3. ST, your comments always make me feel so good about my posts….and myself. I thank you fully for this! xoxo

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