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Lessons From City Living


    This week marks my 20th year of living in Manhattan.  So what have I gleaned from living in the city that never sleeps? (Aside from being able to perfect my look in a store window reflection and knowing which way is north from the direction of the avenue.) That although it is entirely possible to do anything at any hour….it’s really not healthy to never sleep (especially over the age of 30).  And this:

    Connection is everything –> in real life.

    New York may not have lush greenery and rolling hills to brag about, but we do have people. A ton of people everywhere. Spontaneous run-ins on the street are a huge part of NYC living (which means running into an EX can and will happen.) And while my kids can get cooped up in the winter- they’re not always zoning out on ipads. They’re playing with the neighbors. It may be noisy and cramped, but there’s no denying the daily connections we have add richness to our lives here.


    A nonstop attitude gets shit done–> but you gotta chill out sometimes.

    There’s no such thing as jay walking in NYC. People walk when they want to get where they’ve got to go. It’s the can-do energy that fills our city, and breeds an always-on approach to…well, everything. I’ve definitely fallen victim to this type of mindset. Sometimes in a noon savasana, I lie there thinking why am I just lying here in the middle of the day? But the truth is, slowing down is essential to keep going. There must be time to recharge, or you’ll burn out.

    havefunJoining the rat race is not mandatory for NYC life.

    Just like you’d sign up for any half or full marathon, you sign up for the rat race. Sure, I’ve got my daily grind, you know– the to-dos that make my life flow. DH and I want to provide the very best for our family, but not at the expense of what matters. I’ve become quite clear on what these things are — the nonnegotiables of my lifestyle which include taking care of myself, and trying to enjoy the ride as much as possible. It’s the journey – not the destination- that makes a life.

    What has your place of residence taught you about yourself, or life?

    9 thoughts on “Lessons From City Living”

    1. Living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has taught me that spending more money on high-quality, warm winter clothes is a smart thing to do! 😉
      Diana xo

    2. I live among the trees and amid the rains of the Pacific Northwest, quite purposefully.

    3. Come out to long beach in the summer and take a load off 🙂 just avoid the blocks that all of the city folk go to…

      I love, love, love, manhattan, but it’s exhausting! I always thought of it as more of a resting stop before my final destination. My best friend lives there and I’m in the city a minimum of once a month. This weekend I literally said – I can’t, I’m citied out.

    4. Diana, When it was still cold out I noticed a neighbor wearing a great pair of warm winter boots — and she told me she got them in Canada. Makes me wish I had stocked up on some of that high quality winter wear when I was there last year. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

    5. It is exhausting! I’m feeling it this evening after a full day running around. The beach sounds nice. Must be lovely to live there year round. Thanks for stopping by!

    6. I love those coats! A lot of people wear them around here too. I may have to buy one for next year– my coat is so done after this past winter. 🙂 xo

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