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Training Vs. Practice

    Is it odd that though I love a life filled with movement, I’ve never once considered myself in training?
    Practice – yes. But training – never even thought about it.

    Until the other day, when my friend invited me to join her for bootcamp class at her gym.
    After spending an hour in drills and other conditioning kinds of exercises it became evident — I was way out of my element!

    Towards the end of the session, the instructor (or was it a coach?) explained the purpose of the dynamic workout — it’s to raise our conditioning levels. He tied it in with elite athleticism. The goal is to perform better, faster, stronger.

    This got me thinking about my workout, or practice. It’s not so goal oriented. On my best days — my practice is about the journey. It’s an internal experience that works its way out. And everyone in class contributes to this collective energy that (hopefully) fills the room.

    My movement practice is my expression. It’s my opportunity to unite in mind, body and soul.
    Perhaps athletes call this their state of flow. For me, it’s a presence that connects me deeper within.

    And I am working to be better…from the inside out.

    What’s your experience with training vs.practice?

    6 thoughts on “Training Vs. Practice”

    1. I love them both!! I love the feeling of the wind rushing through my hair as I’m running, the grace (it feels to me) while I’m dancing, and gliding through the ocean atop and amidst a wave . I don’t enjoy the same range of expression when I’m not in shape. My journey may include more stiffness and pain.
      These two fit together for me.

    2. I, too love them both. For me, training is acquiring the knowledge, the technicalities, the methods. Practice is taking and using these acquired trainings as a development of one’s skills. While some may be have the knack of being flexible or strong, without proper training, the body can be misaligned and prone to injuries. Once the training is established, practicing it then becomes this process of honing and going deeper, perhaps even beyond. And like you’ve mentioned, comes the mastery. This is the sweet spot where training and practice ties in. The external training evolves into an internal practice.
      I enjoyed this post! =)

    3. SirenaTales

      TT, I’ve had to think about this for the past couple of days. I hadn’t considered this question before. I realize my assumption has been more in line with what you and Maia have said: practice to me connotes more of an inward process and intention, while training seems more “product” oriented. I don’t know if my assumption is correct or not. At this point, I guess I feel I pursue a movement practice that does involve ongoing training that I try (but am only partially successful :)) to approach with more of a “practice” perspective that includes intentions of openness, wise risk taking and joy. Thanks for the thought provoking post,TT. xoxo

    4. Maia, what an interesting way to view the two. So perhaps a yoga basics class is more of a training…thanks so much for sharing your insights. I love hearing from you!

    5. ST, I’d imagine with art — both are 100% required. For your dance- did you ever go through a pure training period? I always thought of my movement as expression therefore no training necessary- but after reading comments from you and the others I am reconsidering my stance. It’s an interesting topic, and perhaps the line dividing the 2 can be blurred at times. Thank you, my friend for sharing your perspective. Your comments are always of value here. Xoxo

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