Let’s Fly

Let’s Fly

Sonia Cirse

Every week I take my son M to soccer practice at Pier 40. Not only does this soccer field have amazing views of the city, it also shares roof space with the Trapeze School. I cannot get enough of watching the trapeze-ees do their thing. Usually they’re beginners doing pretty basic stuff (basic stuff says the onlooker safely grounded below). Sometimes I get to see the more advanced students or teachers really show how it’s done. Such grace. Such skill. Such balls! I have to try this! Well, I finally went inside the office to ask about their program. Turns out they’re closing for the season. Looks like I’ll have to wait until spring to get my fly on.

Monkey bars, anyone?


  1. terrepruitt says:

    Did you ever do this?

  2. I did!
    I wrote about it here

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