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Let’s Get Real, or not…

    Gustav Klimt
    Gustav Klimt

    Watching M & G move along in their little lives, it’s becoming quite clear — they’re growing up in a world that’s so different from the one I knew as a little girl.

    I remember staring at the children’s faces on the milk cartons.
    They’re having lockdown drills at school.

    I remember watching the news footage of Air Florida’s flight 90 plane crash.
    They watch us all take our shoes off at airport security.

    Childhood is such a precious time.
    When is it okay to let them know about real life ?

    6 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real, or not…”

    1. Food for thought! Now you have me thinking about my childhood! πŸ™‚

    2. set2sit

      Best artist ever. I love Klimt.

      We had a lockdown drill two Friday’s ago and it’s hard explain to children what we would do if an intruder gets in our classroom. πŸ™

    3. Yes, it’s hard to explain — but unfortunately it’s totally necessary these days. They are growing up in a much different world. PS: I love Klimt too !!

    4. A tough one for sure. I’m in the UK so we’re not in quite the same position at this moment in time but in the past kids in London certainly were aware of IRA bombings and bomb scares. When I was growing up there was lots if adult conversation about nuclear war, nuclear power etc and I think this contributed to my childhood anxieties (which of course have followed me into adulthood! ). Perhaps because of this I’m all for protecting childhood innocence for as long as possible. There is some fantastic advice on this sort of thing in the book ‘simplicity parenting’. We don’t have the news on when the kids are up and we don’t discuss worrying stuff with them yet. Theyre 6.5yrs and 2.5yrs so I don’t think theyre emotionally ready to comprehend yet. X

    5. I’m right with you on preserving their innocence…it’s just getting harder and harder when bad news seems to permeate the everyday. Thank you for the book recommendation and thoughtful comment!

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