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5 Tips to Make Mix And Match Outfits So You Always Have Something To Wear

    Wardrobe ruts are a real thing that plague many women. Read on to learn how to make mix and match outfits so you always have something to wear.

    Wardrobe ruts are legit because many women don’t know how to make mix and match outfits. They buy all these random garments when out shopping, and then can’t figure out how to integrate them with the rest of their wardrobe.

    So they end up thinking they have nothing to wear because it feels like nothing goes together.

    Wardrobe ruts are a real thing that plague many women. Read on to learn how to make mix and match outfits so you always have something to wear

    Does this ever happen to you?

    You have a closet full of clothes, but you feel stuck in a rut from not knowing how to make your clothes work together.

    If you can relate, click play on the video where I share my 5 tips to make mix and match outfits so you always have something to wear.

    And read on for more stylist tips.

    How To Create Mix And Match Outfits

    5 steps to a great outfit text overlay image of woman sitting in red shoes and floral dress

    1. Set aside time to experiment

    Outfits do not get created by themselves. Well, I guess some do, but those are really match-y match-y, and that’s not a look we’re trying to emulate. We want to create original, eye catching outfits that give you confidence while making you look amazing. And this requires time and effort. You’ll have to get into your closet and start playing around to figure out what works together. I like doing this after I’ve gotten out of the shower on a weekend, or in the evening. Since I’m already undressed, it feels like less effort. And I can be more creative when there’s no work-day time pressure.

    2. Put on your creativity cap

    This isn’t an actual hat that you’ll wear (unless putting on a hat helps you step into your creator role). It’s a way of thinking. Anyone can grab a shirt and pair it with jeans. Putting an outfit together that gets you noticed and elevates your style requires imagination. You want to assimilate the disparate pieces into a unified family. To do this effectively requires artistic problem solving.

    3. Know the mix and match outfit basics

    How to put together a cool outfit text overlay graphic of colorful outfit

    This is when you’ll want to familiarize yourself with some fashion rules. Like which patterns go with what. And what colors work well together. Paring pieces harmoniously is a skill to develop through practice. Start with ground rules such as considering stripes and animal prints a solid. And blending tonal shades of color is a natural combo. Then as you gain more confidence in your mix and match abilities, you’ll start to make your own rules. (Here’s a post with basic guidelines for print mixing And here is one that explains how to color pop.)

    4. Work through your tried and true pieces

    Making outfits is easier when you’re incorporating what you already love wearing. There’s nothing wrong with getting a ton of use from your favorite denim button down shirt. Especially when your favorite item is as versatile as denim, and has a built-in level of comfort. So start with something that’s in your regular rotation. Then set the goal to add in the unexpected. These outfit enhancing items are usually found in the back of the closet next to the other unseen pieces. By starting with the comfort of your favorite denim shirt as a base, you’ll be more apt to expand into new territory. And that’s when you’ll put tips #1-#3 into practice.

    5. Try on, take a pic and assess

    Making outfits takes practice which means you must try things on and see how they look. While a full length mirror is helpful to see what works, taking a picture is more effective. Too often when we look in the mirror we criticize what we see. By placing the distance between yourself and the outfit, you remove the layers of self judgement. The photo helps you get a good look at the outfit from an outsider perspective. When you see an outfit you like, keep that photo and refer to it in the morning when getting dressed.

    It’s important to know that at the heart of the strongest outfits is an unexpected pairing. That’s why artistic problem solving is key. Look at your clothes through a fresh lens so you try things you wouldn’t have thought to put together. By opening your mind and taking a risk to do something different, you’ll more easily create a mix and match outfit that you’ll love! And the more you get in your closet and practice, the more trained your eye will become, and the more outfits you’ll have that truly define your style.

    Get more practice mixing and matching by learning how to build a new outfit using my stylist steps.

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