Movement Meditation: It’s A Thing!

Movement Meditation: It’s A Thing!

Sometimes a seated meditation practice doesn’t cut it. For those who get antsy, or who have a busy mind it can come as a relief to know that meditation doesn’t only take place in lotus position on a tufted cushion with the hands ever so gently resting in the lap. Sure, this seated style will achieve a quiet mind, but it’s not the only way!


When my mind is so damn active, you know, when the thoughts cry out with urgency one right after the other, a gentle breath isn’t strong enough to clear them out.

Which is why I propose movement meditation.

By connecting the mind and body in movement we can achieve the same results as seated meditation.¬†I’ve tried it myself. It works!

When¬†the thoughts are coming in fast and furious, we may¬†need to engage the body in a bigger way¬†that goes beyond sitting and breathing. Sometimes it takes a foot stomping, heart pounding movement to clear space. By bringing mindful movement into the picture, it adds another dimension for connection — something else to hook up with the breath.

So what does movement meditation look like?

In my apartment, it’s me on a yoga mat allowing my body to follow the breath into expression. Sometimes it’s in yoga (vinyasa = movement + breath), other times it’s more of an improvisational-I-have-no-idea-where-this-is-going type of groove.¬†It’s when the breath guides my mind into the body.

Movement meditation can also be practiced while walking, running, cleaning, playing sports, making art, cooking — and on the dance floor! Basically any kind of action that feels right to you.

It’s a way to move through life fully immersed in the present –the body is calm (while still moving!) and the mind becomes clear.

What’s your experience with movement meditation?


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  1.' terry says:

    Way to go, Elysha, Looks like you were really into it.

    Agree that meditation should not be bounded by form. Go with the flow to achieve that mind-body connection. Calmness and clarity will follow.

  2. Exactly! And I think many runners get hooked (to running) because of the meditative aspect that can arrive.

  3.' Mandie says:

    I love this idea! I think this is how I have always exercised, just never looked at it that way specifically.

  4. Something about meditation seems so elusive, but I bet there are many – like yourself- who are doing it regularly. It just may not look like what we were expecting.

  5.' Runwright says:

    Running is like meditation therapy for me. Often in the middle of a run when there’s sweat pouring down my face and back and I’m exhausted as nothing else, I break out in a big smile because I feel most like myself in that moment. Like one writer said, we’re not plants – we were made to move.

  6. I love this! And what a great way to explain meditation — it makes you feel most like yourself. I agree…we are meant to move!!

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