Moving To A Greener Complexion: Best Buys From The Drugstore

Moving To A Greener Complexion: Best Buys From The Drugstore

In my previous post on sunscreen, I noted the lack in quality beauty buys available at the drugstore. Well, that post prompted a little research on my end. Fueled by a determination to find a few non-toxic products, I clicked through to the ones that deliver good results.

Here, 5 Natural Beauty Buys From The Drugstore:


Let’s start where my sunscreen post ended — with Coola. I found it on, and saved a couple bucks by buying two tubes. We’ve been wearing this for weeks… it is by far the easiest / best sunscreen for our family.


When my move to a greener complexion commenced, this was one of my first buys. Burt’s Bees is one of those brands that is widely accessible and ingredient conscious. The tinted lip balm is the bomb. I use it every day.


Nail polish isn’t exactly a non-toxic product in itself, but there are many brands going 5 Free which leaves out the super nasty stuff. Nonie Creme’s Colour Prevails is doing just that. Plus she came up with this high tech handle to help with application… perfect for little hands (like GLs) to get their pretty polish on.


DH was ahead of me on this one. After a trip to SF he came back a Dr. Bronner’s convert. Liquid soap isn’t really my thing, however, these bottles, last forever–they’re huge!


In the summer, I tend to tone down my make up routine, but all the sunscreen can lead to a shiny face. Although I have not yet tried this powder, the EWG says it is clean declaring it a definite must buy in my book.

Which drugstore products do you use?

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