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Go Read: The New Health Rules

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    As someone who’s prioritized healthy living since a young age, I’ve jumped on many programs with the intention to be well.

    That meant lifting my leg into Rover’s Revenge with Jane Fonda in the 80s, eating in a 30-40-30 ratio according to The Zone in the 90s, and juice fasting in the early aughts. All these regimens seemed like a great idea at the time.

    But as the times shift, more information becomes available, and what constitutes healthy living evolves.

    Dr. Frank Lipman and coauthor and Real Simple magazine editor Danielle Claro address this issue in their book, The New Health Rules.

    I was drawn to this book because it answered many of my questions — like what’s so bad about eating farm raised salmon? The answer comes in a simplified format rather than some long, statistic-laden response. That’s how the whole book is laid out – simply.

    It’s broken into sections- Eating, Moving, Boosting, Healing, and Living. Each chapter is composed of brief explanations, or the New Health Rules. It’s not a cover to cover kind of book, though if you do choose to take it that way, you’ll probably breeze right through.

    I went straight to Moving. It has a lot on yoga (great for those new to the practice, a little redundant for those already invested). There was also a bit on the pros of interval training which I don’t know much about.

    This book covers a wide range of topics. Some stuff will feel familiar, other things not so much…like store bought roasted almonds don’t have any of the benefits of eating raw nuts. (Big bummer for this regular roasted almond eater.)

    For where I am in life, the Eating and Boosting chapters provided me with the most insight as I’m increasing my awareness in these areas. You may get more from Healing (if meditation is intriguing), and Living (if you’re ready to tackle a greener home!) That’s the thing with this book, it’ll work where you choose to let it. It’s all good, healthy information. It can work for everyone.

    Here are 4 reasons to check out The New Health Rules:

    1. It’s fact filled without getting too heavy or serious. Or boring.
    2. It creates a great template for healthy living. Sure, I won’t follow all of the rules right away (I’m not ready to go raw with my almonds), but at least I know now…awareness is the first step to change.
    3. There are easy to implement suggestions for healthier living – like don’t keep your dry cleaning in the plastic once it’s home.
    4. Bob Marley is quoted in the intro. Come on, BOB MARLEY!! It doesn’t get much more universal than that!

    Buy the book here:

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