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Moving To A Greener Complexion: Face Oil

    Here's  What Happened When I Put Coconut Oil On My Face // MindBodySoul Stylist// //
    Face oil is definitely having a moment. And now that the weather is cooling off (and heaters soon turn on) more people may turn to the natural emollient for their skin. But as someone who’s always steered clear of oil based products, the whole grease-on-my-face thing never appealed.

    Until a facial I had back in September.

    Coconut oil was the primary product of the service, and when finished my skin looked smooth and glow-y — not in the sweaty / shiny way, but rather in a wow, my complexion looks hydrated and healthy way.

    I wanted more!

    So I bought a bottle from my facialist, and went home to see what would happen after using it on a regular basis. (I bought an acne spot treatment as well, just in case!)

    Here’s what happened after applying coconut oil to my face.

    First off, I had no idea how to handle the product. I’m a little embarrassed to admit, we don’t cook with coconut oil (I know, I know — it’s super healthy — but we’re not there yet) so I had no idea how to use this butter-like goop, particularly on my face.

    The facialist had advised to keep it in the fridge (which I did) because it melts at 76 degrees. So I found a baby spoon from 10 years ago (I know, I know – why do we still have these?) which turned out to be the perfect tool to get the thick substance out of the bottle. Once put on my palm, it started to soften, like a moisturizer, so I could pat it onto my face. I only used a teaspoon of product for my entire face and neck. (I also experimented with using it as a liquid and it’s way easier to use as the buttery goop). I rubbed the excess oil from my palms around the rest of my hands as a bonus treatment.

    Afterwards, my face definitely felt a little slick, but not over saturated. Using a small amount is key.

    It’s now been 4 weeks of using coconut oil on my face, and my skin still has that hydrated, healthy – dare I say plumper – look that I got after the facial.

    I did get a big zit about a week after beginning this experiment. But the spot treatment I bought took care of that.

    Buying coconut oil from my facialist felt right, for me. You could probably get something similar at Whole Foods, or any health food store, but just make sure you buy one that’s highly refined.

    Here’s the one I bought.
    I see they’re sold out. But you could use it as a starting point to know what to look for.

    Would you use coconut oil on your face?

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    14 thoughts on “Moving To A Greener Complexion: Face Oil”

    1. I’ve used coconut oil and almond oil, not only on the face but the entire body. Not an everyday thing though for my face, 1-2 times a week, alternating with facial masques. When I tried everyday, I break out. But true to your words, the skin really looks glowingly plump.

      When I went to the Dominican last year, coconut oil was everywhere there! And with their climate, it works well to use everyday. No zits lol!

      Glad you found this working for you! Maybe try almond oil?? xo

    2. Oh! And next time you have a bath?? With Epsom salts, add the liquid coconut oil. Or the almond oil. Your skin will be grateful. =)

    3. I’ve never heard of using almond oil on the skin…I did have a bout with sesame oil when I was in my Ayurveda phase, and I remember it leaving me really greasy. Do you buy your almond oil and coconut oil in the health food store? Oh, and the bath with the coconut oil and epsom salts sounds really nice! Thank You, Maia xoxo

    4. I have used oils on my face before – jojoba, rose hip – and benefited. Just recently I bought an oil salt scrub, one for face and one for body. Omg, it is amazing! I do like cream though, for daily use.

    5. I don’t know. I would have to see how it smells. I do not like the smell of coconut so if it smells like that, then no, I would use it on my anything. But I have used olive oil, as a face wash!

    6. Terre, the scent is a big deal to me too. I’ve been disappointed by many products because of their overkill perfume-y smell. I didn’t notice it on the coconut oil…it’s definitely doesn’t have a coco-butter suntan oil smell. But there is a subtle smell of coconuts.

    7. I get the oils at the health store here. Look for the brand Aura Cacia, a variety of oils are available. I’ve seen them in the States – trader joes or whole foods. They’re actually made there lol. Look up the oils online too. I suggest you get the smaller bottles so you can test which one you like. But I really love the almond oil. Coconut oil – I get anything organic, sometimes extra virgin, whatever is on sale. I use it for cooking too.
      Whichever oil you decide, use it before bed. That way, whatever greasy feeling is fine since you’re asleep. Your skin will be silky smooth next day. xo

    8. I will have to try it. I actually just bought some for cooking and I am hesitant to try it . . . .even open the jar. Because I really don’t like the smell of coconuts!

    9. I love cooking with coconut oil & am not afraid of using oil on my skin, but for me, coconut oil simply doesn’t work. It sounds unusually, but I have the feeling that it actually makes my face and body drier. On my face, I use a few drops of rose hip oil & on my body, I use a combination of olive oil (which is closest to the oil our own skin produces & even Norma Kamali swears by it) and avocado oil for the winter months. I have sensitive skin, so I don’t add any fragrance oils, but you certainly could!

    10. Hi Annika! I didn’t know you are into oils! I never thought I’d put it on my face, but it’s been working really well for me. What is really amazing is that I used to spend all this money on fancy products, but my skin has been looking really good with simple coconut oil! Who knew?!?! Thank you for the rose hip oil tip!! x x

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