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8 Smooth Like Butter Leather Jackets

    After reviewing my post on leather jackets from last year, I realized that every single one still holds up — I’d wear them all! What a testament to the staying power of this classic item.

    So while it may be your investment purchase of the season, it’s well worth the splurge if it becomes your go-to for years to come.

    In honor of Fall, when the weather in NYC is something to brag about (and probably the only time we get to do this!)
    Here are 8 Like Butter, Leather Jackets To Try Today

    7 Leather Jackets | | MindBodySoul Stylist
    If we’re talking classic items, then the moto jacket needs a mention. Back in the 80s, my brother had one with the punk band GBH emblazoned across the back that I used to steal whenever I could. This one kind of reminds me of that blast from the past though it’s a little more streamlined which slightly softens the rough edge. Oh, a hoodie layered underneath is always a good solution when the weather adds more of a chill.

    7 Leather Jackets|||| MindBodySoul Stylist
    Still with the classic moto, which is everywhere this year, I like the broken-in look of this one along with the simplicity of the easy silhouette. I see this going with everything.

    7 Leather Jackets|||| MindBodySoul Stylist
    To off-set basic black, how about going green? as seen in this one. It could be a great way for the color shy to move away from all black all the time.

    7 Leather Jackets|||| MindBodySoul Stylist
    The perforated finish on this one adds a nice touch to the bomber cut. It looks cute with the romper as shown (and would be fine in an LA-like climate), but I’d pair it with cream culottes and a thin sweater for the transition weather of today.

    7 Leather Jackets|||| MindBodySoul Stylist
    I actually have a Lucky Brand leather from about 5 years ago, and I just wore it yesterday. It’s made of lambskin which really does feel like butter. The blazer shape on this one has versatility — pair it with jeans and a graphic tee like above, or try a midi skirt and button up blouse.

    7 Leather Jackets | | MindBodySoul Stylist
    This one has so many rights going on — the cool cognac, the throw-it-on-with-all design, and the fantastic price tag for real leather!

    7 Leather Jackets | | MindBodySoul Stylist
    I’m kind of a tomboy so whenever there’s a sporty side to something, I’m all for it. The two-toned coloring adds extra interest on this one, while the bomber style was still going strong on the runways. Oh, it’s also on major markdown — so that, of course, will always appeal.

    Smooth Like Butter Leather Jackets| | MindBodySoul Stylist

    The color. The detail. The genuine broken-in leather on this one. Yes, Please! (Super bummed to notice it’s no longer available.)

    Want to see more? I did another round up of leather jackets here.

    How long ago did you get your leather jacket and how often do you wear it?

    (1st Photo by Ronnie Andren. Check out his work here and here.)

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