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Moving Towards A Greener Complexion: Shampoo (Children’s Edition)

    When M + GL were babies I was adamant about buying only organic products for their little bodies. Trying to somehow preserve + protect their newborn-ness, I stocked their shelves with trusted brands like Weleda, California Baby and Earth’s Best. This went on for years, probably until GL was 3 or 4. Then slowly, their soap turned to Dove (which is fine), and their shampoo went to the overly fruity smelling Suave. We were saving money by buying drugstore products and since they’re skin + scalps were no longer newborn material, I figured…why not? They could handle it.

    And then I started this quest towards a greener complexion for myself. As I began swapping out items in my cabinet for cleaner versions, it dawned on me — their shampoo smells disgusting– it’s loaded with fragrance which is a big no-no in safe skincare. Also, since installing the Think Dirty app, M has become slightly obsessed with walking around the apartment, scanning items and then reporting their rating…Mom, our toothpaste is a 10!

    Since shampoo is used on the regular in our home, I needed a replacement for the fragrance and formaldehyde releasing chemicals in Suave. After browsing online I came to Andalou Naturals Argan & Sweet Orange shampoo. Scoring a mere 2 on EWG, it’s also readily available — sold at!

    There’s a slight, sweetish scent, nothing pungent like our previous product. And because it’s sulfate free, it doesn’t create much lather (so not as many bubblys). Also, it’s slightly pricey at $10 a bottle (versus the $4 for Suave) which is something to consider — what makes the most sense for each individual + family obviously depends on their circumstances. For us, spending an extra $6 is well worth the peace of mind in knowing what’s being rubbed into my child’s head isn’t a carcinogen or hormone disrupter.

    Oh, GL’s hair gets ridiculously tangled after shampooing. We were using the Suave detangler (a level 6 in toxicity!) but have moved on to this.

    What shampoo do you use for yourself or your kids?

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    2 thoughts on “Moving Towards A Greener Complexion: Shampoo (Children’s Edition)”

    1. I use Suave because my granddaughters like lots of bubbles, but maybe I should use something like you’re suggesting.

    2. Michele, we’ve been using Suave for years — the kids love the bubbles and the fruity smell. But making the switch feels right for our family. It’s all about making the best choices for you and your family. Just FYI- the chemical that makes the bubbles SLS, is pretty bad stuff-it’s one of the chemicals listed to avoid whenever possible.

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