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3 Steps To Transform The Negative Emotions From Your Extra Body Weight

    If you feel negative emotions from weighing more than you’d like, this post will help!

    I’ve been doing some personal development work where I pay close attention to my thoughts, and how they’re impacting my life. In a recent yoga class, a difficult situation arose. It woke me up to how my negativity takes over. And what I needed to do to get a handle on my stress.

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    Don’t worry this isn’t a post on yoga. It’s about how to keep the extra weight gain from controlling your life.

    Too Close For Comfort

    Let’s begin in the jam packed hot yoga room. I was feeling lucky because I had secured a spot with 4 wood floor planks between me and my neighbors. Four wood planks! SPACIOUS!

    Class began, and after about 2 or 3 minutes the instructor paused and said, “Dave stay right there. I’m going to find you a spot.”

    She started walking towards me. 

    My mind went nuts. 

    No, no, nooooooooo! Don’t take away my 4 floor planks of space!

    Can you make some space here?” She asked. We both knew she wasn’t asking. 

    I couldn’t control the disapproving look I shot Dave for entering late and cramping my space. To which the instructor responded, “We make space for everybody here,” without one ounce of attitude. 

    I went to make space, and then noticed the woman on my right. She wasn’t moving much. She went from 4 wood planks to 3. This left me with half a wood plank between me and Dave. (Side note: Later I saw the guy on her other side had a huge pool of sweat around his mat. She probably knew he was a big sweater, and she needed to keep a distance. I could relate!)

    Class continued. It was hot, sweaty and crowded. I felt miserable. Every drop of sweat that splashed near my mat screamed for my attention. It was unbearable!

    Is that his sweat? Or is it mine? Whose sweat is this?!?

    To say I was distracted was an understatement. I was obsessed over every drop of sweat in my proximity. 

    Your extra weight is like the other people’s sweat in my yoga class. It takes over the experience.

    And you know why this happens?

    You allow it to.

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    Negative Emotions Are Persistent

    Whether you’re shopping for new clothes, trying on outfits at home, or eating out in a restaurant with friends, your extra weight is the main focus — constantly calling your attention, “Hey! Don’t forget about me! I’m still here!

    This is what happened to me with other people’s sweat.

    I allowed it to become my main focus.

    Was there a yoga class going on around me? I don’t know. What I did know was exactly how often the drops of sweat were landing around my mat. That was my focus!

    3 Steps To Transform The Negative Emotions From Your Extra Body Weight

    To help you stop feeling bad about the extra weight, here’s 3 steps you can do right away. 

    1.Stay In The Room

    In hot yoga, staying in the room is a big thing. It’s like the opposite of if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Hot yoga wants you to stay with the heat, and to feel the discomfort and be with it until it leads to acceptance of the situation. This is how we grow. 

    Your extra weight feels uncomfortable. I understand how it can cause negative emotions. You want it to go away. But can you stay in the room, or just be with it. Live with the discomfort and allow it to lead you to acceptance. Stress is caused by the friction of fighting against your current circumstances. 

    2. Change The Story

    In the yoga class all I could think was EW this is awful! I am miserable. His sweat is killing me!

    Our thoughts are powerful. They pull us out of our lives, and take us where they choose which is often into a negative story.

    To help rein your mind in from its negative thoughts, change the story line. 

    It was helpful when I stopped the thoughts, his sweat is gross, it’s going to get me sick and I’m going to end up in the hospital with some random disease. And started thinking ok, this is not the end of the world. And chances are I will not end up in the hospital. I’ll be fine.

    For your thoughts on your extra weight, change the narrative to something that’s believable. Sure, a positive thought would be fantastic. Something like my body is beautiful as it is, but I realize that may not be believable for you right now. How about something like the extra weight isn’t physically harming you? You are fine.

    I am fine may not be as confident inducing as I am beautiful. But it can help alleviate some of your stress.

    3. Take Back Your Power

    Rather than focus on other people’s sweat — which is something I can’t control— I needed to focus on what I could control. Like washing my mat and taking a shower afterward. These are 2 things I could do that would make me feel better.

    What can you do that will make you feel better about your extra weight? How about only wearing clothes that support your body and don’t make you feel bad. Create a set of go-to outfits that you know will give you confidence. (Here’s how to closet shop your next go-to outfit.)

    If your extra weight is making you feel bad, be with the discomfort. Stop trying to fight against it as this causes more stress. Then change your thoughts about the circumstance. Think of something that’s believable and will pull you away from the negativity. Then take action. Do something that’s fueled by your more empowered thoughts.

    Watch the video below — which was recorded 3 years ago. I share a similar story about a hot and sweaty yoga experience, and how it lead to the path of self acceptance. 

    The fact that I’m going through this 3 years later confirms that we’re all just works in progress. And by staying with the practice, we continue to learn and grow.

    What has the power to control your situation and create negative emotions like other people’s sweat did to me?

    Here’s how to keep your body shaming from ruining your personal style.

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