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New Series: Holistic Fitness Reviews

    New Series: Streaming Workouts Reviewed | | Mind Body Soul Stylist

    New Series: Streaming Workouts Reviewed | | Mind Body Soul Stylist
    My birthday is next week so I’ve been preparing myself with the mental stamina required to age with grace.

    And while aging gracefully requires mental strength, let us not forget the physical prowess required to age amazingly well. It’s no secret exercise is essential for strong health, but as we grow older it becomes even more important. This NYT article features a study which shows that exercise done in variety, and often can slow down the aging process.

    I’ve always been a fitness person with a freelance schedule that made it easy to fit into my day. So exercise has been, and still is high priority in my life. But as my body shifts and changes with age (there are unexplained aches in one area…actually my whole left side, that I must work with), yoga, which has always been my go-to, isn’t enough. Now, I seek other activities to keep me in tip top shape.

    While I’m fortunate to be in a place where there are oodles of options to choose from, a solid workout routine should be accessible to all.

    And it is!

    The internet is swarming with streaming classes. But like anything online, it’s a beast to work through. To figure out what’s worth your time — and in this case the energy to do — can be tough.

    So I started a new youtube channel, Elysha Living, that sorts through the glut of online fitness options to tell you which ones are worth trying. Think of it as a workout review with the goal of expanding our exercise routines so we can both age amazingly well.

    Let’s get to it. Here’s my first review to help speed up a sluggish metabolism.

    Click this link to head over to my new youtube channel, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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    4 thoughts on “New Series: Holistic Fitness Reviews”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      WOW, Elysha!
      I am so happy when there are credible reviews and critiques that save me time. Like food critics who actually dine at the actual restaurant and travel agents who stay at the actual hotel, you are completing the actual streaming workout and adding your comments!
      I look forward to more workout ideas on your youtube channel.

    2. Very cool, Elysha. Really like the new Youtube channel. Just think all the opportunities that it opens up.

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