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Have Nothing To Wear?

    How to stop having nothing to wear text overlay image of messy pile of clothing.

    You know the days when you look into your closet and see ZERO possibility? You’ve got 20 shirts, yet you don’t want to put on any of them! I get this! Having a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear is legit. And after styling countless women, and dealing with my own closet, I’ve noticed that when we say we have nothing to wear, we really mean something else. 

    How to stop having nothing to wear text overlay image of messy pile of clothing.

    Click play on the video to see how to deal with having nothing to wear so instead of seeing zero options in your closet, you’ll see a wardrobe full of potential outfits.

    And keep reading for more stylist advice!

    The Myth Of I Have Nothing To Wear

    If you believe you’ve got nothing to wear despite a packed closet, there’s something else going on. Here’s the deal; your closet is filled with clothing. But each time you get dressed (everyday!), you’re overwhelmed with the debilitating thought of Ugh, there’s nothing here! The fact is, you’ve got clothes in the closet. You just don’t want to wear the clothes you have. 

    But since you have to get dressed, you end up wearing things you don’t like. They don’t feel like you. This issue is called a closet mismatch.

    When your clothes don't match you text overlay image of a sweater.

    Your Clothes Are All Wrong

    A closet mismatch is when your clothes aren’t aligned with who you are and how you want to feel. Do you ever look at the items in your wardrobe and wonder, What’s this? Or How did this get in here? If yes, you’re dealing with a mismatch.

    And the reason those clothes are in your closet is because you haven’t let them go. You used to love them. Or they used to fit. But you hold on despite the fact they’re not right for you anymore. (Click here to watch why you’re holding onto your clothes from the past.) Somehow these items continue to survive your closet clear outs! 

    If you look at your full closet and believe you’ve got nothing to wear, you’re dealing with an entire closet that’s mismatched.

    What’s Underneath 

    A closet mismatch is only the symptom. The real reason you don’t want to wear anything in there is because you’ve stopped paying attention. You’ve stopped caring or putting in the effort to acknowledge what’s right for you today. What do you love now? What styles and silhouettes look good on you and make sense for you life? Not what worked 5 or 10 years ago! It takes a lot less energy to tolerate the current situation instead of making a change. But by tolerating something like this, you’re living in the past. You’re stuck.

    Whether you’re holding onto a previous identity – either one with a different style, or one with a different size – you may not even be conscious of your rut. Our lives get busy. We form habits and set routines. Taking an honest look at who you are requires time. It also takes a willingness to acknowledge things aren’t like they used to be. Your life has changed. You’ve changed. And now it’s time to update your closet to reflect these changes. Align your clothing with who you are today. 

    An Aligned Closet

    The hardest part of dealing with a closet mismatch is acknowledging that your clothes no longer fit in personality or size, and that you must make a change. Once you recognize this, the shift is easy.

    It all starts with intention. Think about your life and who you are today. But more importantly, who do you want to be? How do you want to feel when you’re showing up… maybe you’re meeting friends for dinner. Or perhaps, it’s going to a party. How do you want to feel at that event? How do you want people to receive you? What’s the vibe you want to put out in the world? 

    By taking the time to reconnect to yourself, you’ll start to see your closet mismatches as things of the past. Let them go! Then be thoughtful about the clothes you’re bringing in since you want them to represent your current identity. If something doesn’t feel aligned, don’t wear it. There’s always another opportunity to try a new outfit. And once you’ve gotten rid of all those closet mismatches, you’re left with the right pieces. When your wardrobe has the right clothes, you’ll always have something to wear. 

    If you’re ready to energize your current outfits with new ideas, download my free style guide.  It’ll show you how to make fresh outfits with clothes you already own.  

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