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The Relationship Status With Your Style

    Your relationship status with your style is ALWAYS on display. It’s your vibe.

    …The way people respond to you.

    …The way you move through life.

    So if you struggle putting outfits together or you feel confused about what to wear, here’s what to know…

    >>>>> You don’t have a clothing problem.
    >>>>> You have an intimacy issue. 

    You’ve lost touch with your style!


    Your style is forever. It’s your life partner — here to love, honor and support all you do.

    Women disconnecting from their styles and getting frustrated with their clothes happens all the time — as kids, teenagers and adults. But many don’t recognize that this relationship is cyclical.

    It’s constantly shifting!

    After styling hundreds of women for 25 years, I’ve noticed there are 3 stages to this style partnership.

    It’s important to understand the stages — whether you’re in a happy place with your style, or you’ve disconnected — so you make the most of your current situation, and feel confident about your choices.

    The 3 Stages In Every Style Partnership


    Think back to that relationship when you couldn’t get enough of the other person. You wanted to spend all your time together and learn everything you could about each other. That’s what this stage feels like. You are falling in love with your style. While everyday isn’t rainbows and sunshine, overall you’re curious, engaged and excited. Take advantage of this stage to stretch beyond what you think is possible by experimenting and having fun. 


    Change is inevitable. At this stage in your style partnership something has substantially shifted that calls on your attention in a big way. It could be your body. Or a situation with your family or career. As a result of this change, your commitment to your style wavers. Clothing loses its fun, and becomes more of a burden or chore. Often at this stage, confusion and frustration set in as you and your style start to grow apart. You don’t know how to be together anymore.


    This is the final stage — the moment of decision.

    Are you going to reignite the spark with your style? Bring back the passion and play? Or will you leave and go your separate ways?

    Many women get to the CHANGE stage, yet don’t make a CHOICE. They get stuck in CHANGE without any intentional outcome.

    The key here is to be decisive.


    If you’re going to reignite your relationship, take the next right step towards commitment.

    If you choose to leave, that’s understandable. I’ve spoken to many who made this choice because their plates are too full. They don’t have the bandwidth to spice up their style partnership. Just ask yourself WHY you’re making this choice. Is it because the CHANGE in your life requires a lot of time and / or money. If yes, you may want to put yourself on a timeline for WHEN you’ll be ready to reinvest in this relationship.

    If you choose to leave because priorities have shifted, and you’ve lost interest in your style — that’s fine too.

    Just make a choice so you don’t get stuck in the CHANGE without intentionality around your next steps. That’s how you end up in a rut.


    Every personal bond has its ebbs and flows so it’s natural to experience shifts with your style. But if you want to get dressed effortlessly so you can move through life feeling comfortable, confident and free….

    Treat the relationship with your style like any partnership you care about.


    Pay attention!

    Give it love!

    When you’re in unison with your style, your clothes embody this union. You feel more alive in your expression and more at-ease in your skin.

    You become effortless in what you wear!

    Making your clothing a true expression of who you are begins with what you buy. That’s why I’m hosting a workshop to help you shop deliberately so you buy only pieces that you’ll love and wear. Go here to register for free!

    4 thoughts on “The Relationship Status With Your Style”

    1. NATALIE K

      I’m in the CHANGE cycle of my dressing!! I’ve already been in the Choice!!! I made one and it’s NOT giving in!!! I’m meant to be stylish!!! I’m meant to be me!!!

    2. I can identify where I have gone through all three stages in my life. I’m back in the honeymoon stage because I worked with Elysha. I’ve been in the honeymoon phase for three years now! One way I stay in the honeymoon phase is by continuing to follow Elysha on her social media which keeps me inspired.

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