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Seeing The Purpose

    Have you figured out what it is that you’re “supposed” to do? You know, found your thing in life?

    Seems some people were born knowing. It’s like in their DNA, or something. I’ve got artist friends who are 100% dedicated to their process of creating. It’s all they do and think about. Musicians too. I know many who probably shouldn’t be doing anything else except make music. And what about athletes? The skills they exhibit with such easy zeal aren’t given to just everybody.

    So while passion and talent can uncover purpose pretty quickly, not everyone has their gifts on display so clearly. Purpose doesn’t always show up as a grand piece of work. Many may sift through life trying to decipher the big questions, and how it translates into purpose. But oft-times it’s revealed in the ho-hum day-to-day. Like making spaghetti and meatballs for your family. Or sharing your stories on a blog.

    We’ve all got something unique to offer that sits sweetly within the soul. No need to move through life searching for some dogmatic sense of being. Look for the meaning in all you do. When you come across that thing you HAVE to do…let it lead you to your purpose. And when that becomes your compelling vision…express it!

    How do you integrate purpose into your life?

    26 thoughts on “Seeing The Purpose”

    1. SirenaTales

      Trying like crazy to pursue whatever, and whoever, brings me alive. Which sometimes doesn’t feel like purpose, but does feel like passion and vibrancy, and even futility or confusion. Thanks for another post cool and deep, like a refreshing chilly spot in a lake on a hot summer’s day, TT. xo

    2. I understand…it can feel like a struggle. I think that purpose sits right under our noses. And instead of looking for this holy calling, why not go about the day, and find the meaning there…in the daily doings. Hopefully this can add up to something fulfilling…isn’t that we’re really looking for?

    3. Ah, the soulful dance of passion and purpose…what a beautiful blend!! Thanks for bringing that out, ST! Xoxo

    4. Elaine Biskupic

      I love this blog. Actually, I love all your blogs. Well done!

    5. Elaine! You’re reading my blog! I think we both know how I’ve pondered this particular topic…Thank you. For everything. Big Hug.

    6. Elaine Biskupic

      I have read every one of your blogs, and I am inspired every time. You are on purpose. My support is here for you anytime. Keep in touch and keep the faith…

    7. SirenaTales

      Oh, TT! Wanted to tell you that I went to a Zumba class the other night as I am trying to stay in shape and the modern dance classes are sparse here right now, when what would come on but Daft Punk. Say, what? I felt like the total hipster thanks to you and your intro to their music. Thanks so much for the cool vibe. xoxo

    8. How wonderfully simple and light ! You stripped away all the pressure and heaviness of finding a purpose. Thank you for your words! xxoo

    9. That’s sounds like so much fun — Daft Punk in Zumba! I’ve got to get myself to one of those classes…it’s on my list! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

    10. Hi Tamina. You’ve been such a wonderful supporter. I have something possibly tacky to ask of you. I happened to notice your like didn’t take on that post. I did get word, but it didn’t go through. This has happened before – more than once. Just because you in fact did like it and want to endorse it publicly, would you mind unliking and reliking again? If possible – from a different machine – but I am not expecting such a thing and I doubt it’d even be possible. Sorry for the trouble! I appreciate the help….will help me trouble-shoot or report result to Staff. Thanks so much. And I look fwd to each visit here. =) Diana

    11. You know what, I feel bad for having asked this. I appreciate every minute of my readers’ time. Let it go. It’s enough that you in fact did like it. =) Xxxx Diana

    12. To be in tune with your instincts like this is hugely valuable. I completely agree that it connects with purpose. Thank you WiseJourney for sharing your wise words!

    13. That’s a great way to live your day to day while uncovering purpose at the same time! Thank you Nicole — I’m so glad I discovered your blog this evening!

    14. Absolutely wonderful! You said it so well. And sometimes that purpose changes, and that’s ok. I followed a totally compelling drive to become a ballet dancer, and now I am looking for ways to apply that drive in other ways. It is possible, and it IS in the everyday…

    15. Xballerina, Sounds like you have the right attitude. I think an open mind along with a clear awareness will help call on new opportunities to align with your drive. Thank you for sharing!

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