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What Does Your Movement Say?


    Are you serious at having fun?


    Or are you looking to go a little deeper?

    skater chick

    Do you cruise and glide taking it all in stride?


    Or does the cause get you to fight?

    Are you up for anything?


    Or must you keep it within the lines?


    Do you allow others to take the lead?

    on pointe

    Or do you stand tall on your own?


    However you choose to move, let it be an expression of your soul — pure, perfect and 100% true to you.

    Keep moving!

    4 thoughts on “What Does Your Movement Say?”

    1. SirenaTales

      Ooh-la-la, TT. What a beautiful and creative and playful yet wise post. Love all of the queries and the delightful matching with gorgeous visuals. Thank you! xoxo p.s. Thanks for the terrific reminders/questions….

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