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How Professional Women Recover Their Lost Style

    For professional women, the first wave of the pandemic was confusing. It was like —Wait, we’re staying home? We won’t see each other anymore? We can spend all day in our PJs??

    Then it felt liberating. While they weren’t quite burning their bras, many stopped wearing them.

    The “zoom shirt” was born. 

    And the nap dress —part night gown/ part house dress became a thing. It was the perfect summarization of how some spent their days.

    Now—9 months later—we’re still here. Our lifestyles may differ, but most of us are not seeing people how we used to do. And there’s still plenty of confusion! 

    Professional Women Wonder What To Wear

    If you were once a polished and put together professional, you’ve had to figure out what that looks like waist up from the computer screen. Or in an empty office with two other people who are so socially distanced that you’d never know they’re there.

    Even if you always cared about how you look, the question that continues to pop into your head: is it worth it?  This is what you think while struggling to find the perfect top that’ll make you noticeable for how good you look without drawing too much attention.

    You’ve not only had to redefine your style to fit the current situation, but you’ve also had to figure out why it matters.

    It’s a lot easier to throw on your zoom shirt and call it a day. Nobody will notice. Nobody cares.

    But is that true? NOBODY will notice? Not even you?

    Sure, some things have changed— probably your work situation and lifestyle

    But have your core values shifted? Do the things you used to care about no longer matter? 

    For me, this showed up with my activewear.

    At the beginning of the pandemic, my workouts went online as they did for everyone.

    So instead of crowding between glow-y skinned millennials in the boutique studio, I  scrunched between my bed and the closet. My clothes went from legit workout wear to old t-shirts and unevenly cut shorts that I haphazardly created from worn out leggings.

    At first, I didn’t notice. Probably much like many of the professional women who stopped going into the office, and thought it felt GREAT to take a break from those heels. 

    Then it became a habit. Time to workout? Grab the gross old clothes and put ‘em on! For the WFH woman, she started googling “Inside Shoes” and bought them.

    Just last week—so about 9 months into this lazy lifestyle— I saw my nice workout clothes. They were still there, in the drawer with the ratty stuff I’d been wearing. 

    I remembered that I bought those nice things because I loved the fun patterned pants and bright tops. It energized me and inspired my workout. I decided to start wearing them again. 

    My workouts still take place virtually between my bed and the closet. But there’s a full length mirror that I can sometimes see myself in. And when I do, it’s like Oh yeah, there she is. She loves working out in fun prints and bright colors. 

    It’s still who I am. But I forgot for a while since everything changed. I thought that I changed! But really, I got confused about how to show up if no one else was there. 

    And now I remembered.

    I show up in a way that’s energizing and reminds me of who I am.

    If you’re feeling confused about what to wear since your lifestyle has changed, but you still want to feel energized and like yourself, watch the video! I share 3 steps to recover your lost style.

    1. Dig Out Your Old Favorites

    When I saw my pile of nice workout clothes, I was like OH YEAH! These are nice! I like wearing nice things. 

    First, get reacquainted with your nice things. Have a look in your closet and remind yourself of what you love. Then choose something and wear it. It doesn’t have to be the whole day. Maybe you’ll put on your blazer for a one hour call. Or wear your favorite dress for a quick errand run. Whatever those pieces that were so YOU a year ago, put them back on to see how it feels. If it feels good, wear it again!

    2. Shop For Something New

    Times have changed, and this may call for new tops and accessories! A friend and I hit my favorite vintage store last weekend. I stocked up on bright blouses that I knew would make me happy on my videos. One of my clients told me she recently bought fun socks. She understood that nobody would see them, but SHE DID when she looked down. And that was reason enough. What pieces are missing right now in your wardrobe that would make you feel happy? Buy them.

    3. Reconnect To What Matters

    If you used to care about how you look (which I think you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!), that may have shifted with the times. For me, it took 9 months before I was like, OK, I’m ready to wear my nice workout clothes again! It doesn’t matter if no-one is around because when I see my reflection in the mirror, it becomes clear.

    Showing up for myself matters! It puts me in a better mood. And when I’m in a better mood, it impacts those around me. For you, maybe it’s about bringing more moments of joy in your life. If you love something and it brings you joy wearing it, do it! Because if not now…when?

    Plus recovering your lost style may give you a sense of normalcy during these weird times. It’s like saying Hello again, old friend!

    If you need help redefining your style for your new lifestyle, let’s talk! Book a complimentary call and we’ll talk about how to elevate what you’re wearing so you feel good about how you’re showing up. Click here to book your call now!

    2 thoughts on “How Professional Women Recover Their Lost Style”

    1. cathy ogi

      I wore my purple velvet shoes on Sunday to church. Unusual for me to wear those, though I love them. Later thought, no one mentioned them. No one said-Oh, I like your shoes. But I remember feeling good everytime I looked at them. Shoes I’ve thought of but not worn. I thought-those brought me a lot of enjoyment that day!

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