Holistic Fitness Review: Strong Arms And Your Best Booty Workout

Holistic Fitness Review: Strong Arms And Your Best Booty Workout

As I continue my search for the best streaming workouts, I discovered the Blogilates channel (the 24 hour version of POP Pilates boutique studios). Since it’s based on barre which I like, I figured I’d give this at home workout a go. (The barre is replaced with a chair.) And because this video was so parts specific, and only 10 minutes long, I added in a 10 minute arms workout that didn’t require weights which I totally appreciate since I don’t own dumbbells, and using soup cans can be annoying. Both routines relied on exhausting the muscle groups with multiple reps so I was left a little shaky from working my body this way.

Check out the video!

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  1. Wow! Those were cool! I’ll try and a slow pace.

  2. Wow! Those were cool! I’ll try at a slow pace.

  3. Sorry about the doubles! That’s what happens when I’m trying your workout and typing at the same time, ha, ha. At least I didn’t end up on the floor!

  4. Great idea, Michele…do the exercise at your own pace!

  5. Haha! Typing + exercising…I like your motivation!!

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