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Holistic Fitness Review: Strong Arms And Your Best Booty Workout

    If you have only 10 minutes try this at home workout by the Blogilates channel for toned arms. If you've got another 10 minutes you could do the build a booty workout as well. I put them both together for a full body workout that left me feeling refreshed and energized. Click through to watch the video. Mind Body Soul Stylist

    As I continue my search for the best streaming workouts, I discovered the Blogilates channel (the 24 hour version of POP Pilates boutique studios). Since it’s based on barre which I like, I figured I’d give this at home workout a go. (The barre is replaced with a chair.) And because this video was so parts specific, and only 10 minutes long, I added in a 10 minute arms workout that didn’t require weights which I totally appreciate since I don’t own dumbbells, and using soup cans can be annoying. Both routines relied on exhausting the muscle groups with multiple reps so I was left a little shaky from working my body this way.

    Check out the video!

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    5 thoughts on “Holistic Fitness Review: Strong Arms And Your Best Booty Workout”

    1. Michele Anderson

      Wow! Those were cool! I’ll try and a slow pace.

    2. Michele Anderson

      Wow! Those were cool! I’ll try at a slow pace.

    3. Michele Anderson

      Sorry about the doubles! That’s what happens when I’m trying your workout and typing at the same time, ha, ha. At least I didn’t end up on the floor!

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