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Your Style Solution For The Heat

    dress well in summer text overlay image of woman next to rack of clothes.

    Are you looking for a simple style solution that’ll get you looking good when it’s hot?

    Maybe it’s because you struggle with not knowing what to wear that’ll hold up in the humidity AND keep you feeling fresh?

    How to look good in the heat text overlay image of women's face that looks sweaty.

    Or perhaps you know firsthand what it’s like to get dressed, go outside for 20 mins, and then need to change your outfit again.

    Because the sweat factor is no joke!

    Aside from the huge pile of laundry it creates, there’s also the frustration of having to figure out multiple outfits in a day.

    So you spend more time thinking about what to wear. And you spend more energy trying clothes on to see what will work. (Which often leads to that shameful pile of clothes tossed on the bed!)

    Dress well in summer text overlay image of woman sitting next to a rack of clothing.

    While I’ve experimented with all sorts of summer outfit ideas, there’s one in particular that suits my needs. I also suggest it to my personal styling clients.

    It’s a one and done approach that easily gets you dressed for the heat. And because of its simplicity, you’ll feel pulled together every time you put it on….no matter how hot it gets!

    The Summer Style Solution You Need

    The easy summer dress is a staple in my wardrobe. I turn to it every day to help me through the heat feeling fresh.

    Of course not every dress will work. You must discern the specific style elements that are right for you. Your summer dress must compliment your body, look good on your features and make sense for you life. So be sure to take the time up front to choose well!

    Because once you’ve made your selection, it’s done!

    Throw it on over a bathing suit. Slip into it after a shower. Wear it with ease all summer long!

    For Your Shopping Consideration

    To help you get started with your dress selection, I’ve created a lookbook of Light & Easy dresses. Look closely at the style elements of each one to see which will work for you.

    And if you aren’t sure which styles and silhouettes suit you best, I can help! Book a complimentary style clarity call, and we’ll discuss how to get you looking polished and feeling pulled together in your clothes! Even if in the crazy heat!

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