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Your Gut Feeling For Fashion Is Stronger Than You Think

    Need help developing your fashion sense. Whenever you have a feeling that something is off with your outfit, LISTEN! And then put on another item of clothing because this is your inner style guidance directing you on the right path so you look amazing and feel like your best self. Your gut feeling for fashion will steer you well and keep you aligned with your truth. Read how to open up this line of communication so you're in touch with your intuition and you always know what to wear.

    You know those times when you put on an outfit, and something’s telling you it’s not quite right? That’s your gut feeling for fashion. Eventually it’ll develop into your fashion sense. But often it gets ignored because when you look at yourself in the mirror, you can’t see anything that’s obviously wrong. The top fits. The color is one you wear often. And the silhouette feels fine. It all seemingly works! Yet you’re not 100% convinced.

    And you shouldn’t be!

    Make better style choices text overlay image of flat lay of clothing.

    Watch the video where I share how to tune into your intuition to make better choices with your style.

    And read on for more stylist tips.

    The Gut Feeling Is A Sign

    When you get a hunch that something’s off with your outfit, yet it’s not clearly defined, you’re better off changing your outfit. Because hunches, inklings, senses, suspicions, or knowings – these are the communication symbols of our inner wisdom. When you get hit with one of these signs, you’re being redirected onto the right path.

    It may seem a little silly to relate your inner wisdom with your style. Usually we’d talk about using intuition for deeper matters of the heart and soul. Like the life altering decision of knowing when it’s time to leave a partner. Or move to a new state.

    But your style, and the way you choose to express yourself to the world is deeply personal. You want what you wear to be a true reflection of who you are so you can make the impact you’re here to make. And that’s why it’s good to allow your inner guidance to chime in on your style. So you can embody the woman you’re meant to be!

    To create your own perfect Pinterest outfits, you must understand the personal style details that go into the look. This way you can take the style inspiration for your own outfit ideas and transform your look. Then you'll understand the elements of an amazing outfit that you can recreate for yourself using your own clothes. These pro fashion stylist tips will get you on your way to wearing your best outfit ever for a reinvented personal style.

    The Trouble With Your Intuition

    One of the issues with using your intuition as guidance is that you may not be used to doing this. You’ve spent who knows how long following the facts, and working to up-level your life in a way that’s efficient and effective. Listening to your inner voice is a little…untested.

    It’s true that intuitive hits are nothing more than a feeling from within that are telling you to do something. Or not. But when you combine this guidance with the facts and information you’ve researched through the years, it makes for the most compelling advice.

    When something is wrong with your outfit text overlay image of woman in polka dot dress.

    Facts + Intuition = Your Next Right Step

    So when you hear that small voice within saying change your pants and put on the pleated skirt instead, do it. Even if you haven’t worn the pleated skirt in 10 months. Or if you’re thinking you’re too short for that style. Do it anyway.

    Follow your intuition on all matters, including your style. Because your inner guidance will always keep you on track.

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    3 thoughts on “Your Gut Feeling For Fashion Is Stronger Than You Think”

    1. Pamela Goldman

      Loved this video……………yes intuition serves us in the purest, best ways in all areas of our lives.

    2. Pamela Goldman

      did your intuition cause you to close the group….reclaim your style? So glad i am still getting your emails….just bought winter white denim jeans on ebay and my intuition told me to get them to go with my navy/black ensemble.

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