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My 2024 Style Upgrade (And how to tell if you’re ready for yours!)

    The new year is THE best time to begin again — which in my world, means a style upgrade. Clearly, I’m not alone in this thinking as January is consistently my busy season in regards to private styling client work. Women want to take advantage of the new year momentum and begin again with their personal style!

    What’s fun about this year is that I’m in the midst of my own style upgrade. So I can draw on my own experiences (and share pictures!) instead of sharing my client transformations (click here if you want to see those because my clients get INCREDIBLE results!)

    Keep reading to see what my 2024 style looks like because as I pull back the curtain on my experience, you’ll be inspired to forge forward on your own path!

    The First Sign It’s Time To Upgrade

    In early fall last year, it became apparent that I was ready for a style upgrade. I had multiple speaking engagements booked which got me wanting to show up in a bigger way.

    The first sign that I needed a style upgrade was that I couldn’t decide what to wear. I remember going through my closet for one speaking gig, in particular, and it was a struggle. This was in-person, so it ALL mattered. (It always ALL matters, in my book, but let’s be real…shoes on a Zoom call aren’t making the biggest impact.) My shoes were the issue! I didn’t want to wear what I had.

    Then it was the bag. Again, not so important on Zoom, but in person…it matters! I didn’t have the right day / work bag that said chic, unfussy and vibrant — my signature statement. So I found a bag in my wardrobe that felt…fine.

    Here’s what I ended up wearing👇 I got many compliments on my outfit (when I wasn’t holding the bag!) And the shoes…they’re these knee high tan suede boots. They worked…especially since my pants were really long so I got the height.

    The first sign you’re ready for a style upgrade —> you don’t want to wear what you have. But there’s something else you must know.

    My wardrobe no longer matched my upgraded role. When I saw myself as a speaker, my bags and shoes weren’t aligned. And if I had to be honest, I wasn’t overflowing with options in the other categories either.

    Your clothes MUST SUPPORT your upgraded role.

    And here’s the twist, you don’t need to be fully in that role yet. You simply need to recognize that you’re on a path of growth and transformation, feeling drawn towards a brighter future and trusting in the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

    …which leads to what happens next.

    The Next Step

    My limited options in shoes and bags were the sign I needed a style upgrade, but they were just the tip of the iceberg. So within days I went to my favorite shop and found several ME pieces. A dress, a top and a new bag.

    We had a party that weekend and I felt amazing in my new clothes. There’s nothing better than socializing — seeing old friends and meeting new people — knowing your outfit is fully aligned. 

    I always take a selfie when I feel amazing in my clothes!

    That’s a new top and my new bag is there too, hanging down my side. You can’t see my shoes, but I had on my new boots — which practically fell in my lap since I knew exactly what I wanted. That’s what happens when your style vision is crystal clear.

    They were a little price-y, but rather than say “NO!” before I even tried them on, I decided to try them first. I wasn’t going to let the price tag keep me from showing up for my next level. I see it as an investment in my confidence which will have many returns.

    Once I put them on, I knew they were THE boots I’d wear in my next role. They’d go beautifully with so many different outfits that I’d wear for my next stage!

    Your Next Role

    Here’s what to know about YOUR style upgrade: since you’re dressing for your next stage, you must be able to see yourself there first — which includes your outfit. It’s the only way to ensure you love all your clothing options as you’re getting ready for the occasions. This is how you’ll feel excited about what you’ll wear which amplifies your presence. People pick up on your confidence!

    That’s why it’s essential to have a clear style vision. You must be able to see YOURSELF in that next role. Then you can discern – What are the elements that come together to say “IT’S ME!”

    Since my vision was so clear, I didn’t stop with the boots.

    I continued upgrading my wardrobe with items that fully align with me, version 2024.

    Which led to my next issue…

    Too Many Clothes

    After hanging up my new pieces, I felt that pang of UH-OH.

    My closet felt too full.

    When I looked at my clothes, I didn’t clearly see ME. 

    There was too much old stuff getting in the way.

    Instead I saw who I used to be. 

    And what no longer works.

    UGH! I had to purge my old clothes.

    I knew it wouldn’t be easy. 

    There are so many pieces that I LOVED for years.

    How do I let them go?

    They’re still in excellent condition. I paid a lot of money for them!

    Yet whenever I try them on…

    I feel OFF.

    It’s never easy to let go. 

    Yet, the reality is that some things must be left behind to make way for growth and change.

    This means it’s not just the old clothes that must go. 

    It’s also the old role, and all that’s associated with that.

    Outdated Clothes

    So how did I tell those clothes aren’t relevant anymore?

    I didn’t want to wear them when getting dressed for my new role

    It wasn’t about the condition they were in. Or if they’re nice clothes…

    They don’t fit me anymore. 

    And the beauty is…

    Once they’re out of my closet, I am left with two beautiful things….

    1. Clothes that support me.

    2. Space to keep growing….

    …For when I’m ready to begin again.

    So my question for you is:

    When you’re getting ready for your next role, do you have amazing options you are excited to wear?

    Because if not, you may be ready for your own style upgrade.

    Go here to book a complimentary call so we can explore how I’ll help you easily transition your wardrobe from where you’re at now to where you’re heading in 2024.

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