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How To Dress As The Most Powerful Person In The Room

    When I walked into her Park Avenue apartment 3 outfits were laid out on the bed — suits in navy, black and gray.

    As senior VP of an insurance company, she had an upcoming shoot and I was hired to put together outfits from her wardrobe.

    Instantly, I saw the disconnect…

    A quick peek in her closet revealed an assortment of feminine and edgy items — a double breasted fuchsia blazer with gold buttons, cropped belted biker jacket, waxed denim wrap dress…

    …Very different from the outfits on the bed!

    So why the navy, black and gray for the shoot?

    I’d seen it so many times — women stuck in the constraints of traditional power dressing and compromising their individuality.

    They’ve dedicated years to their careers, working their way to the top of their game, alongside a sea of men wearing black, navy and gray. 

    In order to compete…

    — They dressed like men.

    …Believing this was their most powerful look.

    Dressing The Part

    Thinking back to my outfit that day, 7 years ago, in the Park Avenue apartment …

    I too was playing a part. For me, it was Fashion Stylist…

    You know, that woman who shops with her clients on Madison Avenue (a few blocks from where we were!), carries a $3000 bag wearing Christian Louboutin shoes.

    Because I also believed that in order to be seen as someone who knows what she’s doing, and that I belonged in that Park Avenue apartment, telling this VP what to wear…

    I had to dress a certain way. 

    Showing up as just me wouldn’t be enough.

    We ended up creating a beautiful collection of outfits for her shoot — mixing her “menswear” with her more feminine, fashion-y pieces. She got gorgeous photos.

    How To Dress As The Most Powerful Person

    Dressing the part” may help some get into character so they can get good results.

    But we will NEVER be our most powerful when dressed as someone else.

    So to answer the question, how to dress as the most powerful person in the room…

    Stop trying to be THAT person

    You’re already her. 

    I get that you may not feel like her…

    Maybe you’ve gained weight or you hate your hair or you’re dealing with a situation that feels unstable…

    Your challenge is to rediscover your most powerful presence in your current circumstances.

    What does it look like to be in your power 15 lbs heavier?

    Or with gray hair?

    Or while your life is in transition?

    One way I help my clients dial in on their most powerful presence is by wearing what they love…

    This instantly puts them at ease…

    —So they are more comfortable in their skin.

    For the shoot, the VP lit up when I suggested she swap out the black blazer for her cropped belted biker jacket.

    For me, it’s not about a 3k bag and Louboutin heels…

    It’s yellow! Or red. I feel my most powerful with a colorful pop.

    I am passionate about helping women be more confident in their clothes because when we feel confident we are more powerful AND we need more powerful women in the world!

    If you’re ready to be more confident in your clothes, let’s talk. Go here to book a complimentary call and we’ll discuss what it looks like for you to be the most powerful woman in the room.

    7 thoughts on “How To Dress As The Most Powerful Person In The Room”

    1. I love wearing blue!
      My Irish fidget/spin ring
      Statement Coats/jackets (right now I’m on a fringe kick! ).
      My over the knee black/brown ombre boots.

    2. I love wearing blue!
      My Irish fidget/spin ring
      Statement Coats/jackets (right now I’m on a fringe kick! ).
      My over- the-knee black/brown ombre boots.

    3. This post resonated with me. I most enjoy wearing my cropped aubergine leather jacket. It looks good with so many pieces in my closet from a patio dress to green and purple mini hounds tooth plaid trousers. Great post, Elysha.

    4. Elizabeth

      I love wearing my peachy beige long line layered pearl embellished tutu style skirt with cream top and beige/ cream shearling biker style jacket. Such a contradiction and works perfectly.

    5. Elysha Lenkin

      Sounds like a great jacket, Mable!

    6. Elysha Lenkin

      Love how you have this list ready to go!

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