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How To Be More High Energy (Shopping Picks)

    It’s my birthday! Guess how old I’ll be? Here’s a hint — it starts with 5 and ends with 3! People are ALWAYS shocked when I share my age. They think I’m younger than I am. It’s because of my high energy which is a result of nourishing myself with things that give me LIFE. 

    So in honor of my birthday, I’m sharing my top 5 Raise-My-Vibe picks!

    If you’ve been with me for a bit, you know I don’t give shopping recs often. I usually reserve this for my styling clients because I consider style to be highly personal which general shopping recommendations are not. (Want a customized shopping plan? Book a call here so we can discuss working together.)

    That said, I’m sharing my picks with you today, not so you can be more like me, or feel compelled to buy what you saw online…

    But in the hope that these ideas will guide you towards the things that give you LIFE while also providing an opportunity to be more generous with yourself. This will help you be more high energy!

    So here they are!


    1. The Class

    Let’s kick this off with the practice that literally raises my energy. Every. Single. Day. (Ok, not everyday, but at least 4 or 5 times a week.) I started doing The Class when they were teaching out of a kids dance studio in Tribeca. I wasn’t consistent. It’s an intense routine and my aging body started seeing injuries (not from The Class, but from just… well…aging.)

    So when the pandemic hit, and they went digital, I was IN. I found that doing the practice on my own felt better because I could modify as needed, without feeling like I was falling behind. So that’s what I do!  All the teachers are incredible. But Natalie is really special. Tap here and get a 30 day free trial.

    2. Caddis Glasses

    In 7th grade, I bypassed glasses and went straight for colored contact lenses (in amber!) However, after developing an allergy to the contacts decades later, I got lasik eye surgery. It was money well spent. My vision was perfect… until my late 40s.That’s when I needed readers. Fortunately, reading glasses have come a long way since the drugstore variations. 

    Mine are from CADDIS. I love all the styles and their marketing messages of “no flaws, just features” and “age awesome” really speak to me.

    3. Superflower Studio

    When we transformed our walk-in closet into my new office (NYC living!), I knew it would be small. I told my husband, “I need this space to be beautiful.”

    This was right around the time our friends Andrew and Niki came out with their exquisite wallpaper line, Superflower. They’re his photographs, in FULL BLOOM, and they give me LIFE everytime I enter my office.

    4. Reformation Boots

    At the end of last year, I noticed a gaping hole in my wardrobe. I needed black boots. I wanted them to be classic and elegant, but per my style DNA which always requires an unpredictable twist.

    So one afternoon, right after I wrapped the Outfit Magic Styling Challenge, I set out — in my neighborhood — to find this perfect pair of boots.

    Here they are! I was a little concerned about the 3” heel. But the shop has a fair return policy which allowed me to take them home, and wear them around the apt. to see if they’d work. They did!

    While they aren’t ideal for lengthy walks, they were surprisingly comfortable when I was forced to walk five blocks after being caught in a traffic jam. I hopped out of the cab and briskly got to my destination, and even ended up dancing in them later that night!

    Aritzia Pants

    Ok, so this is why I don’t make general shopping recommendations for everyone — I love these pants, but they won’t work for everyone. 

    The pleats.

    The slouch.

    The relaxed hip.

    Let me tell you why I love them:

    They add instant chic to my outfits. 

    Whether I wear them with sneakers and a yellow sweater…

    Or my Smile tee shirt and elegant boots….


    Chic is one of my north stars.

    So when I find a garment that can BRING IT out of me…I’ll wear it all the time. (A good outfit goes on repeat!)

    I see now that these pants are basically sold out, but that’s ok!

    I have a better idea for you.

    Your High Energy

    Find the pieces that align with YOUR north star. That’ll give YOU life.

    And when you find these pieces, wear them A LOT.

    Because when you’re in full alignment with who you want to be, that’s when you feel MOST ALIVE.

    And this is the key to being high energy!

    What items are LIFE GIVING to you lately? Tell me below!

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    1. You are so beautiful!! Happy Birthday! Great article 🤍! Great style!

    2. Elysha Lenkin

      your comment made my day- thanks Ka💕

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