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Let’s Chat With An Illustration Artist

    Styling From The Inside: Secrets From An Artist |

    Styling From The Inside: Secrets From An Artist |
    There are so many reasons to love Ann Devito’s new book, Dog Love.

    Obviously, if you’re a dog lover, it’s a no brainer…this book is a must buy! Her cool and quirky illustrations cut straight to the essence of each breed, showing the furry friends in a whole new light while the accompanying tidbits of text provide just enough information to sate your simple curiosity.

    But even if you’re not into dogs, there’s something to love. For me, it’s the story behind Project Dog Love. Ann shows what happens when you stick to your passion and build it into something for others to appreciate.

    Read on to find out more about how Dog Love went from after school activity to the shelves of every major bookstore.

    EL: How did Project Dog Love begin?

    AD: Project Dog Love started while drawing daily with my kids, Quinny 10, and Ricky 8- and posting our drawings through social media.

    EL: Why dogs?

    AD: Dogs evoke happiness especially in kids. My kids! We started drawing different breeds, from the AKC Complete Dog Book. And the concept evolved from there. I wanted to make an illustrated book of breeds for children, as I noticed how fast my kids were able to learn and distinguish different breeds.

    EL: When did you realize you had a publishable book on your hands?

    AD: I sent my kids book version to different publishers, and from there I was connected to my agent who specializes in illustrated books. She sold it to Penguin Random House and we expanded the book with more breeds, more info and marketing to everyone, not just kids. All dog lovers!

    EL: How was the process of creation to publishing for you?

    AD: Once it became a real project with Penguin behind me, it was exciting! My first big gig as an illustrator was most exhilarating. I worked mostly as a graphic/web designer previously, but always drawing/painting. The hardest part was the research/writing. It didn’t come as naturally as the drawing…but eventually I found a flow of collecting historic, fun, interesting facts – Incorporating quotes, and designing it with my art. I am grateful for this opportunity to share my work with the world.

    EL: When you see the book now, what does it make you think of (besides dogs)?

    AD: When I see Dog Love complete, my dogs compiled in book format, I am proud and grateful.

    EL: What is your advice to anyone looking to have their book published?

    AD: Keep practicing what you love. Results will follow.

    EL: What’s next for you?

    AD: I would like to keep illustrating and making art … and more books.

    Thanks, Ann!

    Buy Dog Love here.
    You can find more of Ann’s work on Tumblr and Instagram.

    twitter: @elyshalenkin
    instagram: elysha_nyc
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