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A Few Facts On Meditation To Help Clear The Air (And Your Mind)

    5 Facts On Meditation |

    5 Facts On Meditation |
    We’ve all heard how meditation is amazing for the mind with its super power benefits, yet still so many find it incredibly difficult to do. Myself included. Which is kind of crazy since the only requirements are time and the ability to sit. It’s not like you’re being asked to participate in a triathlon!

    I think some of the reason people are put off by meditation is they don’t have the facts. There’s a lot of myths surrounding the practice which need to be dispelled.

    Here are 5 Meditation Truths:

    Meditation means stopping all thoughts.

    Meditation is about being aware of your thoughts, and not identifying with them. When you are sitting, that moment of noticing your mind has wandered– that’s the practice. It’s called awareness.

    You need 30 minutes to meditate.

    Any time will suffice. Beginners are encouraged to start for 5 or 10 minutes and as mindfulness develops, so can the length of time.

    You have to do yoga to meditate

    While the two practices complement each other, meditation and yoga do not rely on one another.

    I’ll never be good at meditation.

    Meditation is a facet of mindfulness which is about training the mind. And like all training, it requires practice. The only way to see progress is to keep at it.

    Checkout this post for some meditation apps to help get you started.

    What have you heard about meditation that turned you off of it?

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    3 thoughts on “A Few Facts On Meditation To Help Clear The Air (And Your Mind)”

    1. I’ve always had trouble meditating. Ill give these tips a try. Thanks.

    2. I’ve found my saving grace in guided meditations. They give me something to visualize, focus on–but still quiet my mind!

    3. I can get really into guided meditations too. The key is to find an agreeable person who is guiding..otherwise their voice just becomes another distraction. ????

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