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The Best Sunscreens For You (And Your Kids)

    The Best Sunscreens For You And Your Kids

    The Best Sunscreens For You And Your Kids

    How is your sunscreening going these days?

    I’ve gotten a lot better than before, but still do not enjoy this whole process of slathering it on. No matter how many brands claim to not feel greasy …my skin always feels thick from this stuff. And don’t even get me started on the white cast they leave. There’s just no getting around the fact that in order to protect the skin, it requires this shield of gunk. Ugh.

    That white cast I write about, it’s from mineral screens so sometimes I’ll turn to this (dirty) sunblock for its transparent finish. I recently came across the red list of ingredients to avoid, and found it helpful to know about when choosing which product to buy. (Although the dirty one I’m using has all those hard-hitters ? )

    For the kids, I only use mineral – it’s a little more endearing when they’ve got white sh!t in their hairlines than when it’s on me. The thing is even if the product claims to be pure – like it’s written in their title – it may not be. I got duped at CVS recently when buying sunscreen. First, off let me say the selection there is awful. We were in a pinch, and needed it ASAP. I highly recommend getting your sunscreen online, or plan ahead so you’re not stuck dealing with bottom of the barrel choices. So as I tried to scan the ingredients (in their tiny font), I settled on this one thinking it was fine. After weeks of using it, I came across an article talking about this questionable ingredient used to replace parabens, but actually is way worse! It was in the sunscreen I bought at CVS. So rather than freak out that I’ve been slathering my kids in toxins, I had to move on. I found this, and this that seem ok, so we’ll work with them for the rest of the summer. There’s also these articles worth checking out for guidance on less toxic sunscreens.

    As for me, I’m still using this for my face. I always spend a little more for my face because, well…it’s my face. I also tried this, and liked it. On my body, I’ll use the same as the kids. But I did read about this one, that rates pretty good on the EWG (way better than that crap I bought at CVS!). It’s a spray which I kind of stopped using, but I realize a lot of people love the convenience of an aerosol so wanted to share it here.

    Oh, the other thing I implemented into my routine which is supposed to work well against the sun is this serum. Apparently the antioxidant, ferulic acid, teams up with your sunscreen to offer even more protection, reducing your chances of getting cancer. Because at the end of the day, that’s what this is all about, right?

    Which sunscreen do you use? Do you love it? Please tell me in the comments – I want to know!

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    4 thoughts on “The Best Sunscreens For You (And Your Kids)”

    1. michele anderson

      I just use an off brand and it has bad stuff in it, but it really works. The only thing I hate is if it gets into your eyes you are done for. It has the same bad stuff in it as Neutrogena ultra sheer.

    2. I haven’t found any that I like, seriously. The mineral ones react with our skin making us blotchy. The other ones are just plain toxic. So. I use sunscreen as little as possible, for those times that the kids are out all day in the sun, swimming usually. I make sure they wear rashies, and hats. And hope that their general healthiness compensates for the stuff I’m putting on their skin.

    3. Michele, the toxic ones are way more available than the cleaner ones so it makes sense more people would use them. It’s all about finding balance, making priorities, and being informed.
      Thanks for your visit!

    4. Sara, we’re pretty serious with our sunscreen over here in that we put it on all the time in the summer. I guess one of winter’s benefits — for us — is we don’t bother so much with the stuff. It really is pretty gross. Hats and rashies are a good idea…I try to implement those as much as possible.

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