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The Celebration Dance

    bcc4ec3d306214331d39653fb3cb2421Sadly, it wasn’t a celebration dance for Team USA exhibited in yesterday’s match.
    But the World Cup has been chock full of passionate moves punctuating many memorable goals. Did you see the Shakira style shimmy when Colombia beat Ivory Coast that went viral?

    It’s tough to control the unbridled burst of energy as it pulses through the body announcing that you’ve just done something really, really well. I did mine on Sunday while playing air hockey with M.
    He did his too.

    We try to teach the kids about good sportsmanship, and clearly there are rules in place within all the major sporting events.
    But the celebration dance comes so natural–it’s practically instinctual–as pure joy filters out into personal expression.
    Who wants to hold that back?

    When was the last time you did your celebration dance?

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    2 thoughts on “The Celebration Dance”

    1. SirenaTales

      Heh–this morning when I was cooking :). Yes, it has been intriguing to see so much dancing on the soccer fields of the World Cup. I missed the one you refer to-will try to check it out. I agree wholeheartedly with you: nothing feels so celebratory to the body as unbridled dancing ignited by passion and joy! Dance on, my friend…I’ll meet you there! xoxo

    2. Yum! I bet that was one amazing dish that merited your celebration dish (I mean dance!) ….or I wouldn’t be surprised if you dance in the kitchen regularly 🙂 Thanks for sharing here, my friend. I appreciate it. xoxo

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