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Swimming In Comfort: It Starts With The Right Bathing Suit


    Summer is on!
    And to celebrate its arrival we spent the day at the pool –not the packed-to-the-max-no-floaties-allowed public pool, we trekked out to the burbs to swim with all the fixins. Think super slides, rotating sprinklers and a lap lane to boot!

    Of course the kids were ready to jump right in, but I always have a moment of hesitation when it’s time to undress. Taking off my top (or whatever my cover-up is) always brings a bit of a flutter, and this day was no different. There I stood, about to reveal my body (in a bathing suit) and the big Uh-Oh crossed my mind.

    Most women suffer from some sort of body image negativity. I’m not exactly sure when mine began, but at some point after this…

    Still comfy in my own skin
    Still comfy in my own skin

    I became hyper-aware of how I looked in a swimsuit. The neurosis has calmed down over the years thanks to a steady yoga practice and regular exercise routine which are always working to balance my mind body connection. Nonetheless, there’s still a tiny pang of dread that hits as my cover up comes off.

    Which is why I consider all my options when choosing a bathing suit because the right one does make a difference in how comfortable I’ll feel in my skin.

    After having kids it was all about the one-piece for me. I found a chic one with side ruching (so flattering) at a sample sale, and relied on it for years. Eventually the one-piece felt too complicated for my numerous bathroom trips, and I didn’t really like the way the wet material felt on my tummy. Though if I were to revisit a one-piece, I’d choose a printed version, like this.

    I’m back in a bikini, but now I prefer a high-waist. It’s more forgiving when I sit, and just feels more comfortable for my current state of affairs. I bought mine last year. When it’s time for an update, I’ll probably go for one like this.

    At the pool there were a bunch of women wearing skirt-suits which seems like a great option for those who want to add some flair to their tush. This style doesn’t really appeal to me, but I found this one which could be fun.

    I also saw a few ladies wandering about in board shorts. If I were to go the shorts route, I’d choose something  like this.

    What style suit do you feel best in?

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    3 thoughts on “Swimming In Comfort: It Starts With The Right Bathing Suit”

    1. Anonymous

      Bathing suit season is always tricky. Thank you for your understanding and suggestions for various body types. I will look into your recommended suits that will fit my needs.

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