The Hidden Gems Of Shuffle

The Hidden Gems Of Shuffle

Something is up with my ipod.


It’s not broken — it’s stuck.
It plays the same selection of songs over and over, rarely bringing in something new.

Normally this would be a BIG problem for me. I mean, Beastie Boys, Make Some Noise, again?  Seriously?
Except in this circumstance, one of the constant repeats is Bibio.

I had no idea who he is, or who they are (it’s a Him!). DH probably put this in my library years ago (April 2011 to be exact). And I never noticed.

Well now that the songs continuously pop up on shuffle, they’ve made their way into my ear.

And guess what — these tunes are groovy!
A nice upbeat addition to my workout playlist

See for yourself:

Since this recent discovery, I’ve implemented the 5 second rule — must give each song 5 secs before skipping to the next.

Because you just never know what hidden gems are ready to make their play.

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