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Lessons From The 2nd Grade


    Yesterday I accompanied M’s class on a school trip to the Whitney.  First, let me just say how amazing it is to raise kids in NYC.  Sure, it’s crazy, hectic and chaotic (and a whole lot of other things that could make your brain explode), but when someone chooses NYC as their home —  it slowly infiltrates the DNA.  It becomes them.  And a school trip to the The Whitney Museum is just one small piece to the massive conglomeration of my puzzle that pleases me to pieces.

    Anyhow, as we visited the Alexander Calder Circus exhibit there was a barrage of real life lessons that came my way — from the voices of 2nd graders!

    Below is my takeaway of the Q & A on the piece.  Keep in mind the questions are from the museum educator,  the answers are from the class:

    Why did he use wire?
    Because it’s smooth and bends easy.

    Why did he use scraps?
    Because it’s all he had.

    What’s special about all of his characters?
    Everyone has a trick.

    So What Does It All Mean?

    Go with the flow. Stay flexible!
    Be resourceful with (& grateful for) your current situation.
    Always stay true to who you are. Express your talents with maximum joy!

    4 thoughts on “Lessons From The 2nd Grade”

    1. Thanks for sharing your friends post — I love it! And it’s pretty cool what you’re doing with your blog…I look forward to reading more!

    2. SirenaTales

      Excellent. Thanks for the inspiration–from you, the second graders, the Whitney, NYC. Shine on.

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