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Up-See-Daisy Says Go Upside Down

    This morning something pretty cool happened.

    I was going through the moves of my at-home yoga practice making sure to do all the poses that increase my energy — sun salutations, Surya Namaskara B, warrior 3, and more.  I purposefully included several jump backs in the sequence….giving my core an extra opportunity to engage.

    As I was reaching the end of the series, I knew it was time.  I was feeling strong.  A little courageous.  I had to take a turn at handstand.

    But I was going to do it at the wall.

    Photo found on Tumblr

    Here’s how it went down (I mean, UP!)

    On the first try,  it happened!  Legs went straight to the air, body balanced.  I stayed there for several seconds.
    On the second try, I did it again.  This time with a bit more purpose and confidence.  It felt so right!
    On the third try, I could still do it!  And it was very controlled with focus.

    I was ready to bring it back to the center of the room.
    But then I felt something else.

    FEAR — I was petrified!

    Fortunately I didn’t let it take over.  I gave it another go, and I got it!

    Photo Found on Tumblr

    Here are the secrets to my success:

    • It’s all in the core.

    Having my practice include a ton of jump backs was an extremely useful prep for handstand.

    • The inner thigh also plays a major role.

    By allowing the inner thigh of the lifting leg to lead the pose, I found much more control.

    • Slow and steady will get you there.

    I used to think it was about kicking up with a fury.  But it’s really just a little lift led by the core and inner thigh.  It’s actually quite subtle.

    • Falling down isn’t the worst thing ever.

    Yes,  I did lose my balance which caused my body to flail wildly to the floor.
    But it was okay.  I was able to catch the fall (sort of).   And most importantly…

    I gave it another go.

    12 thoughts on “Up-See-Daisy Says Go Upside Down”

    1. Good for you! I’ve come to yoga late in life, and never having been athletic in any way, handstands are not going to happen in this lifetime. My favorite pose is final relaxation! I do love my yoga, though, and am trying to map out a short routine so I can do it at home in my own more often than the twice a week I do it at the Y.

    2. Hi Susan, I find my at home yoga practice to be really beneficial. While I don’t always challenge myself the same way a teacher would in class — there’s nothing more convenient than throwing down my mat in the living room. Even for 30 mins, that’s a lot more than nothing. Now, finding even 30 mins to do this regularly….that’s another story! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

    3. YES! I had trust — that gets so often overlooked when dealing with ourselves..Thank you for sharing your insight.

    4. I think anyone should be able to find thirty minutes, Tamina. I’m going to give it a good try.

    5. Another key to your success… trust! Even though you felt fearful, you accepted the challenge and moved forward anyway, knowing you would be ok in the end (even if it meant falling). Key to much of yoga, and much of life. Thanks for sharing!

      With love,

    6. Yoga came into my life just a few months ago. It’s very inspiring and I hope I reach the headstand level too. 🙂
      Thank you for the inspiration !!

    7. Warsaw's Secret Blog

      Hooray for you! Finding handstand is exhilarating! Core is key and for me, I still have work to do in my lats and upper arms. I have recently been using a strap to keep my arms from buckling in the jump up into handstand. Like you, my fear can take over. I’m not quite to the middle of the room but you have inspired me to try! I am able to hold it for several seconds near the wall (my security blanket!). Congratulations!

    8. Thank you! It felt amazing to take handstand in the middle of the room, but who knows if I’ll be able to do it again. It’s all so fleeting, if you know what I mean. Thanks for your comments…it’s great to hear from you!

    9. Thank You for sharing your comments! It definitely feels like an accomplishment to reach a pose in its full expression — but I try to remember that it’s really about the journey of getting there…..Please stay in touch!

    10. I think it will be well worth your effort. It truly amazes me how even just 30 mins makes such a huge difference in my energy and attitude. Please keep me posted!

    11. Great job, I love that feeling, its totally fun and exhilarating, glad you found your balance. I feel you on the middle of the room… haven’t done that yet – we CAN do it!!

    12. Yes, we can do it! So much of it is a state of mind — and getting past the fear! Thank you for your sweet comments.

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