Time To Move On From Your Skinnies! Try These Denim Styles Instead

Time To Move On From Your Skinnies! Try These Denim Styles Instead

It seems we’ve reached that moment when it’s time to try denim styles instead of skinnies.¬†You will¬†still see the narrow silhouette¬†around (they’ve become a staple, like bootcut), but Vogue has declared they’re done.

So if that leaves you scratching your head, wondering what to wear, I’ve rounded up 5 alternatives trending big time.

5 Denim Styles Instead Of Skinnies To Try Today

High Waisted
Mom jeans are the thing.¬†But not the¬†ill fitting ones that moms wore back then. Now, they’re perfect for when you want your butt featured with a slightly¬†nipped in waist. Love the retro vibe of these.

Jeans that fall right above the ankle have made a pleasant comeback. And the best thing about this style is you probably can create your new pair right away. I chopped off a few inches from some old J Brands I had lying around. It worked out quite well. I was left with not only freshly cropped jeans, but also a raw hem, another in-thing this season. Checkout this cute pair.

Now that festival fashion is year round, flared jeans will be filling up every store window with its festival fashion flair. When worn with a wedge or heel, the leg-lengthening effect of this silhouette is unmistakeable. Perfect for anyone looking to appear taller. Or sate their boho appeal. This pair looks good.

Wide Legged

Similar to its sister, the flare, the wide legged jean is flattering for many. But this silhouette has a straight leg, therefore less of a hippy vibe – especially when in a dark wash. I love this pair.

This style is waiting for your DIY touch. Just head over to your favorite embroidery store, and pick out your own custom design. Use this pair for inspo.

What denim styles do you wear best?

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