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Tuesday’s Tip: Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

    While we do try to get out for planned activities, like seeing Stomp, or heading up to the Whitney for the Jeff Koons show, some of our best moments come from the spontaneous fun bubbling up along the sidewalks of New York.

    On a recent Sunday, we got bored at home, so M + I decided to take a bike ride. We went south towards Battery Park, and rode right into the beating pulse that makes this city come alive.

    Street Show With Statue Of Liberty Looking

    Seeing impromptu street shows is just one of the benefits of living in a place filled with So. Much. Talent.

    Late Bloomer!

    You may have to look hard to find nature’s beauty amidst the concrete jungle, but it’s definitely there (possibly sprouting up in a sidewalk crack.) Running into a rose is just plain good timing.

    My Thoughts Exactly

    The thing is, we could’ve just gotten on our bikes and rode south. But instead we opened our eyes to the awe-someness this city has to offer.

    It’s about calling on the beginner’s mind, and adjusting your eyes to take it all in.
    The requirements? A sense of openness with a hankering to have some fun.

    What did you come across the last time you were a tourist in your own town?

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    8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tip: Be A Tourist In Your Own Town”

    1. You know, it has been so long since I have been a tourist in my own town, I’ll have to go out and do something so that I can respond to your question!

    2. girlgatheringwisdom

      I loved your post and pictures! I am lucky to live in a hilly area surrounded by trees. But once the leaves fall I start wearing “blinders” and forget about looking around. After reading your article this morning I went outside and actually studied the way the bare trees have a kind of interesting beauty……even without the leaves. So thank you! I am now a tourist in my own backyard.

    3. Yes, Lorien! And keep it simple. No need to spend tons of money or time. The point is to tap into the beginner’s mind…which I have a feeling you know something about.

    4. Trees without leaves do have an interesting beauty– the shapes they create with their branches is a study! I’m so glad you saw this today, GGW. Give fresh eyes and you’ll get a fresh perspective…I try to remember this when I can.

    5. Melissa

      yes! this is such a great reminder! at home we were just talking about how we need to get out and about more and take better advantage of living in LA.

    6. Ha! I must say, when your home town is New York, being a tourist is a little easier

    7. And the rest of my comment…there is a seaside town nearby where the river meets the sea…when I look down and see the white sand and 57 types of blue, I feel like a tourist

    8. Sara, that seaside town sounds spectacular! And yes, it is pretty easy to be a tourist here — but so often we get comfortable at home, and don’t make the effort to take in all the city has to offer.

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